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Eye On Romance
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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with B

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Briec the Mighty - (Book: About a Dragon (reprint))
Backlum Chaam - (Book: Accidentally. . .Evil? (ebook))
Bones - (Book: At Grave's End)
Bryan - (Book: Autumn Thorns)
Bryn Lyons - (Book: Barely Bewitched)
Bryn Lyons - (Book: Barely Bewitched (reprint))
Bo Novikov - (Book: Beast Behaving Badly)
Bobby Ray Smith - (Book: Beast in Him, The)
Bobby Ray Smith - (Book: Beast in Him, The (reprint))
Ben - (Book: Beckon the Dark (ebook))
Bryce Richards - (Book: Beside A Dreamswept Sea)
Blade - (Book: Black Widow Demon)
Butch O'Neal - (Book: Blood Kiss)
Bas - (Book: Blood Lust)
Brandt White-Eagle - (Book: Blood Spells)
Ben Campbell - (Book: Boomer's Fall)
Brian Webster - (Book: Bound By Darkness)
Brent Braddock - (Book: Braddock Boys: Brent, The)
Britton Townsend - (Book: Britton (ebook))
Brystion - (Book: Brush of Darkness, A)
Bryn Lyons - (Book: Casually Cursed)
Boone Sawyer - (Book: Charmed)
Bill - (Book: Club Dead)
Burton - (Book: Come to Castlemoor)
Bruno diCesare - (Book: Dangerous Affair in Venice, A (ebook))
Byron - (Book: Dark Symphony)
Byron Justicano - (Book: Dark Symphony [reissue])
Brandon Noble - (Book: Dark Thirst)
Brandon - (Book: Dark Vengence)
Boyle McGrath - (Book: Dark Witch)
Broc - (Book: Darkest Highlander)
Baden - (Book: Darkest Torment, The )
Boston Macnamara - (Book: Date With The Other Side, A)
Bill - (Book: Dead Until Dark)
Brand Dalvahni - (Book: Demon Hunting in Dixie)
Brandon Clarkson - (Book: Demoness of Waking Dreams)
Bones - (Book: Destined For an Early Grave)
Benjamin Venec - (Book: Dragon Justice)
Braeden Drake - (Book: Dragon's Lair)
Brandon Merrick - (Book: Ember's Kiss)
Broder Calderson - (Book: Embrace of the Damned)
Briggs - (Book: Everlasting Bite, An)
Brent McCauley - (Book: Every Time I Love You)
Blue - (Book: Eye Of Heaven)
Benjamin Archer - (Book: Firelight)
Barnaby Blackstone - (Book: Flame's Dawn (novella))
Brad Pierce - (Book: For the Love of Pete)
Bastian - (Book: Fury of Fire)
Brock - (Book: Garnet Dagger, The)
Brent Blackhawk - (Book: Ghost Walk)
Brent Blackhawk - (Book: Ghost Walk (reissue))
Benedikt - (Book: Got Fangs?)
Bryn Lyons - (Book: Halfway Hexed)
Bryn Lyons - (Book: Halfway Hexed (reprint))
Bones - (Book: Halfway to the Grave)
Bill Zapalich - (Book: Hallow Heart, A (ebook))
Britt - (Book: Haunting Hope)
Brendan Douglas - (Book: Heir of Danger)
Ben Grant - (Book: House of Whispers: Book One Of The Supernatural Properties Series )
Brodie Maxwell - (Book: Immortal Heart)
Baron Silver - (Book: Immortal Kiss)
Basileios Argeneau - (Book: Immortal Who Loved Me, The)
Barak q'Young - (Book: In Darkness Reborn)
Beau Devereaux - (Book: In His Keeping)
Bobby Doucet - (Book: In the Air Tonight)
Benedikt - (Book: In the Company of Vampires)
Brian Thomas - (Book: Justice Incarnate (ebook))
Brodie McKay - (Book: Keeper of the Night)
Blaine Underhill - (Book: Kiss at Your Own Risk)
Bryan McAllister - (Book: Kiss Of Darkness)
Blade - (Book: Kiss of Steel)
Ben - (Book: Kitty And The Dead Man's Hand)
Ben - (Book: Kitty Raises Hell)
Baldwin D. Lacey - (Book: Knight of my Dreams)
Bren Korbinian - (Book: Last of the Ravens)
Brody Carter - (Book: Last Wolf Watching)
Billy Hendron - (Book: Lockdown)
Butch O' Neal - (Book: Lover Revealed)
Butch O'Neal - (Book: Lover Revealed (hardcover--reprint))
Bryan Hennessy - (Book: Magic)
Bowman O'Donnell - (Book: Mate Bond)
Braden Arness - (Book: Megan's Mark)
Bevil Granville - (Book: Menfreya In The Morning)
Bridgett Mulligan - (Book: Mulligan Stew)
Bastian Dragonelli - (Book: Naked Dragon)
Beaumaris - (Book: Nightbound)
Bones - (Book: One Foot in the Grave)
Bones - (Book: One Grave at a Time)
Benedict Fortune - (Book: Out of Mind)
Braddock Hayes - (Book: Over My Dead Body)
Bruce MacNiall - (Book: Presence, The)
Braden Streib - (Book: Princess Wolf, The)
Burke - (Book: Rachel's Totem (ebook))
Brent - (Book: Realm of Shadows)
Brett McCormick - (Book: Remember My Heart)
Bennett Day - (Book: Scoundrel)
Bjornolf Jorgenson - (Book: SEAL Wolf Christmas, A)
Brady - (Book: Seeing is Believing)
Boone MacDonald - (Book: Shades of a Desperado)
Bobby - (Book: Silhouette)
Blake Whittaker - (Book: Siren's Surrender (ebook))
Blake Whittaker - (Book: Siren's Surrender (paperback))
Bran of Barra - (Book: Some Like It Kilted)
Baltic - (Book: Sparks Fly)
Brian Killian - (Book: Stars of Fortune)
Brody Westerbrook - (Book: Still Life with Shape-Shifter (hardcover))
Brody Westerbrook - (Book: Still Life with Shape-shifter (paperback))
Ben McKenzie - (Book: Summit, The)
Ben McKenzie - (Book: Summit, The (reprint))
Brandon Alexander Davis - (Book: Sword and the Pen, The)
Brock - (Book: Taken by Midnight)
Bastien Argeneau - (Book: Tall, Dark and Hungry)
Benjamin Westfield,
- (Book: Tall, Dark and Wolfish)
Bones - (Book: This Side of the Grave)
Braden Forster, Earl of Grayburn - (Book: Touch of the Wolf)
Booker Chase - (Book: Unstoppable)
Bones - (Book: Up From the Grave)
Brody Talbot - (Book: Warrior Ascended)
Bowen MacRieve - (Book: Wicked Deeds On A Winter's Night)
Brynn McNair - (Book: Wicked Pleasure)
Bastian - (Book: Wild Highland Magic)
Bryn Lyons - (Book: Would-be Witch)
Bryn Lyons - (Book: Would-Be Witch (reprint))


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