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Eye On Romance
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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with C

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Clayton Gunnersson - (Book: Accidentally Demonic)
Colt Black - (Book: Adversary, The)
Christian Galiano - (Book: After Sundown: Salvation (ebook))
Chaz Dominguez - (Book: Afterlife)
Chance - (Book: Agava Kiss)
Caleb Leigh - (Book: All Things Wicked)
Cage Reynolds - (Book: Allegiance)
Connor Armstrong - (Book: Alpha Instinct)
Christian Durand - (Book: Angel at Dawn)
Cnut Sigurdsson - (Book: Angel Wore Fangs, The)
Clive Stewart - (Book: At Blade's Edge (ebook))
Carlos Rivera - (Book: Awakening, The)
Chapel - (Book: Be Mine Tonight)
Carl Carman - (Book: Bear Who Loved Me, The)
Cade Jones - (Book: Beneath a Darkening Moon)
Cade Jones - (Book: Beneath the Darkening Moon (reissue))
Cabal St. Lawrence - (Book: Bengal's Heart)
Cheveyo - (Book: Beyond the Darkness)
Cyn - (Book: Beyond the Shadows)
Clayton - (Book: Bitten)
Cathal Dunne - (Book: Bitter Seed of Magic, The)
Corbin Blue - (Book: Black and Blue)
Clive Stewart - (Book: Blade on the Hunt (ebook))
Clive Stewart - (Book: Blade to the Keep (ebook))
Corbin Atelier - (Book: Bled Dry)
Cal Hawkins - (Book: Blood Brothers, The)
Carden - (Book: Blood Fever)
Cullen Seabourne - (Book: Blood Lines)
Christopher Ellis - (Book: Blood of the Rose (ebook))
Christopher Ellis - (Book: Blood of the Rose (paperback))
Caine Valorian - (Book: Blood Secrets)
Chance - (Book: Blue Diablo)
Caillen Dagan - (Book: Born of Shadows)
Caillen Dagan - (Book: Born of Shadows (paperback))
Calan MacKay - (Book: Bound By Dreams)
Creed Lowell - (Book: Bound by Shadow)
Connor Rogan - (Book: Burn for Me)
Cain O'Connor - (Book: Burn for Me)
Christian MacKeltar - (Book: Burned (hardcover))
Carson McCullen - (Book: Call Me Wicked)
Carson McCullen - (Book: Call Me Wicked (UK))
Cal - (Book: Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires, The)
Connor Macleod - (Book: Changeling Moon)
Connal MacNeil - (Book: Charm Stone)
Caleb O'Flare - (Book: Chosen By Fate)
Creed Preston - (Book: Claimed by a Vampire)
Christopher Sombrosa - (Book: Claimed, The)
Cody Braddock - (Book: Cody)
Connor - (Book: Come Hell or High Water)
Colton Reynolds - (Book: Cry Of The Wolf)
Charles - (Book: Cry Wolf)
Charles Cornick - (Book: Cry Wolf (hardcover--reprint))
Christopher Saint - (Book: Crystal, The (ebook))
Carlos Rivera - (Book: Damned, The)
Cody Fairfax - (Book: Dark Currents (hardcover))
Cody Fairfax - (Book: Dark Currents (paperback))
Cadeon Woede - (Book: Dark Desires After Dusk)
Charlie - (Book: Dark Dreamers)
Conrad Wroth - (Book: Dark Needs at Night's Edge)
Count de Renard - (Book: Dark Queen, The)
Chad Rutherford - (Book: Dark Temptation)
Conde Cezar - (Book: Darkness Revealed)
Constantine - (Book: Daystar, The)
Charles - (Book: Dead Heat)
Cian - (Book: Death's Lover)
Creed - (Book: Demon Creed (ebook))
Conall Dalvahni - (Book: Demon Hunting in a Dive Bar)
Colin - (Book: Demon Moon)
Charles - (Book: Demon's Fire)
Ciarran D'Arbois - (Book: Demon's Kiss)
Cutter Owens - (Book: Devil's in the Details, The)
Cyntag Valeron - (Book: Dragon Awakened)
Constantine - (Book: Dragon Storm)
Cameron Drake - (Book: Dragon's Curse)
Cratus - (Book: Dream Warrior)
Collin Sutherland - (Book: Driving Mr. Dead (ebook))
Christopher Durand - (Book: Earthbound)
Carlos Panterra - (Book: Eat Prey Love)
Christian McLoughlin - (Book: Edge of Darkness)
Cody McBain - (Book: Embrace the Highland Warrior)
Corneilus 'Neil' Ryan - (Book: Eternal Love)
Chase Hawkins - (Book: Fair Game)
Charles Cornick - (Book: Fair Game (hardcover))
Charles Cornick - (Book: Fair Game (paperback))
Cooper - (Book: Fallen)
Cain - (Book: Falling Blind)
Christian - (Book: Fangs But No Fangs)
Caine - (Book: Fear the Darkness)
Connor Rihyad - (Book: Flesh and Stone)
Carter - (Book: Flight From Hell (ebook novella))
Calder Holbrook - (Book: For All Eternity)
Cade McKinnon - (Book: Forever Kiss, The)
Carlos Rivera - (Book: Forsaken, The)
Captain Webbe Weston - (Book: Fortune's Soldier )
Claytin Danvers - (Book: Frostbitten (Hardcover))
Clayton Danvers - (Book: Frostbitten (paperback))
Chase Hawkins - (Book: Game Over)
Caleb Marshall - (Book: Ghost Moon)
Charles Waterston - (Book: Ghost, The)
Clive Stewart - (Book: Goddess With a Blade (ebook))
Chance - (Book: Happily Never After (ebook))
Chase - (Book: Harvest Hunting)
Cheyne MacDenin - (Book: Heart of the Wolf)
Conrad Pike - (Book: Heartfelt)
Clayne Buchanan - (Book: Her Lone Wolf)
Creed Saint-Pierre - (Book: Her Vampire Husband)
Craig Rockwell - (Book: Hexed, The)
Colin MacAlasdair - (Book: Highland Dragon's Lady, The)
Cearnach MacNeill - (Book: Highland Werewolf Wedding, A)
Clarence “Woody” Woods - (Book: Hooked)
Cyrus Jones - (Book: Hot Zone, The)
Colin Gyth - (Book: Hotter After Midnight (reprint))
Cooper Graham - (Book: How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf)
Caspian - (Book: How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days)
Caleb Graham - (Book: How to Run With a Naked Werewolf)
Corin - (Book: Hunger Aroused (ebook))
Cale Argeneau - (Book: Hungry for You)
Carlos - (Book: Hunted, The)
Colt Jackson - (Book: Hunter, The)
Charles Cornick - (Book: Hunting Ground)
Charles Cornick - (Book: Hunting Ground (hardcover reprint))
Colin Foxe - (Book: I Hunger for You)
Cody Nash - (Book: If There Be Dragons (reprint))
Cullen Whitefeather - (Book: In Plain Sight (ebook))
Creed Blackwood - (Book: In Twilight's Shadow)
Chase Quinn - (Book: Invisible Groom)
Carden - (Book: Keep, The)
Clyde Atwell - (Book: Kiss and Hell)
Christopher Marlowe - (Book: Kiss Me Forever (reissue))
Cariad - (Book: Knight, the Harp, and The Maiden, The)
Carter - (Book: Last Kiss, The)
Cole Nichols - (Book: Legacy, The)
Cameron MacPherson - (Book: Legend of the White Wolf)
Celyn - (Book: Light My Fire)
Cain Veuxfort - (Book: Lost Touch of Bliss, A)
Cort Renier - (Book: Luck of the Wolf)
Curran - (Book: Magic Bleeds)
Curran - (Book: Magic Breaks (paperback))
Curran - (Book: Magic Gifts (ebook novella))
Curran - (Book: Magic Rises)
Curran Lennart - (Book: Magic Shifts (hardcover))
Chris Welsh - (Book: Midnight (reissue))
Charon Bruce - (Book: Midnight's Captive)
Chase Hawkins - (Book: Mind Games)
Clay Bennett - (Book: Mine to Possess)
Cal Porter - (Book: Miracles and Magic)
Carter Greyson - (Book: Mystic Moon)
Chase - (Book: Night Huntress)
Cody Fox - (Book: Night of the Wolves)
Cullen Seabourne - (Book: Night Season)
Colin Mortlock - (Book: Night Side, The)
Calisto Terana - (Book: Night Walker)
Christian Laroque - (Book: Night's Cold Kiss)
Clay Garnier - (Book: Night's Immortal Touch)
Carson Turner - (Book: One Eye Open)
Callan Kilkenny - (Book: One With the Night)
Campbell Raines - (Book: Out of the Night)
Caspian Mort - (Book: Outcast Prince)
Cort O'Leary - (Book: Peacekeeper's Soul, The)
Cormac - (Book: Perfect Mate (ebook novella))
Christopher Bell - (Book: Personal Demon)
Clio Foster - (Book: Poseidon's Prophecy)
Cole Cameron - (Book: Reaper's Vow)
Cain - (Book: Rebel)
Cullen Finley - (Book: Redeemed in Darkness)
Cullen Finley - (Book: Redeemed in Darkness (reprint))
Chris Avern - (Book: Return of the Beast)
Connor Anderson - (Book: Savage Hunger)
Conlan Shea - (Book: Savage Redemption)
Caine Grennard - (Book: Scion: Revelation)
Casey Mitchell - (Book: Secrets)
Caden MacTavish - (Book: Seduce Me in Shadow)
Christian Dante - (Book: Sex and the Single Vampire)
Custo Santovari - (Book: Shadow Fall)
Captain Ryland Miller - (Book: Shadow Game)
Connor O'Dwyer - (Book: Shadow Spell)
C J Silver - (Book: Silver Wolf Christmas, A)
Conall Dearghul - (Book: Sin Undone)
Christopher Redmond - (Book: Skies of Fire)
Marquess of Langford
- (Book: Smoke Thief, The (paperback))
Christoff - (Book: Smoke Thief, The (hardcover))
Charles Cunningham Nash - (Book: Something Wicked)
Cadegan - (Book: Son of No One (hardcover))
Cadegan - (Book: Son of No One (paperback))
Cesar Garza - (Book: Soul Whisperer)
Chrysander Notos - (Book: South of Surrender)
Calin Farrell - (Book: Spellbound)
Connor - (Book: Storm of Passion, A)
Caleb D'Angelo - (Book: Storm of Visions)
Catullus Graves - (Book: Stranger)
Cain - (Book: Stranger's Desire, A)
Caden Mitchell - (Book: Striped Bear (ebook))
Clay Philips - (Book: Stroke of Midnight)
Cassidy Christopher - (Book: Sweet Dreams)
Caleb Donovan - (Book: Tamed (ebook))
Chris Preston - (Book: Taming Her Wolf (ebook))
Certainly Jones - (Book: This Wicked Magic)
Conor McCabe - (Book: Through a Crimson Veil)
Craig Thibodeaux - (Book: To Kiss A Frog)
Cooper Landry - (Book: To Love a Wolf)
Cole - (Book: Totally Charmed)
Christian Ziko - (Book: Touchpoint)
Chase Diedrick - (Book: Unbound)
Captain Reynard - (Book: Unchained)
Christian Notte - (Book: Under a Vampire Moon)
Caleb Durand - (Book: Unwanted, The (ebook))
Claude Desmairis - (Book: Vampire Games (ebook))
Connor Buchanan - (Book: Vampire Mine)
Cale Braxton - (Book: Vampire's Kiss, The)
Christopher Marlowe - (Book: Walk in Moonlight)
Chase Noble - (Book: Warrior Reborn)
Charlie Rand - (Book: Warrior's Desire, A)
Caelis - (Book: Warrior's Moon)
Colin McDowell - (Book: Werewolf in Seattle)
Caligo - (Book: What a Goddess Wants)
Cael Oneiros - (Book: What She Wants at Midnight)
Cyn - (Book: When Darkness Ends)
Chance Bellew - (Book: Where There's Smoke)
Casper Sterling - (Book: Wicked As She Wants)
Criminy - (Book: Wicked As They Come)
Conall O’Rourke - (Book: Wicked Fantasy)
Carlos - (Book: Wicked, The)
Conner Vega - (Book: Wild Fire)
Colin - (Book: Wilderness (ebook))
Chance Landon - (Book: Winter Swans)
Cal Black - (Book: Witch's Initiation, The)
Chester Ryan McKinley - (Book: Wolf Fever)
Caleb Locke - (Book: Zombie Moon)


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