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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with D

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Dimitri Kallinikos - (Book: Accidental Demon Slayer, The)
Drew Connell, Major - (Book: Alpha Wolf)
Dominic O'Shaughnessy - (Book: and Falling, Fly)
Dmitri - (Book: Archangel's Blade)
Darin Russell - (Book: Barbie and the Beast)
Domingos LaRoque - (Book: Beautiful Danger)
Draven Winthrop - (Book: Beauty and the Wolf)
Dar - (Book: Beloved Warrior)
Duncan Sinclair - (Book: Beneath a Rising Moon)
Duncan Sinclair - (Book: Beneath the Rising Moon (reissue))
Dante Baptiste - (Book: Beneath the Skin)
Deacon Whitney - (Book: Better Homes and Hauntings)
Darius - (Book: Beyond The Pale)
Dylan Hart - (Book: Blame it on the Ghost (ebook))
Dev Santos - (Book: Blaze of Memory)
Daniel Frey - (Book: Blood Bond)
Devante Matiero - (Book: Blood Bytes (ebook))
Diego Rivera - (Book: Blood Calls)
Diamond - (Book: Blood Cursed)
Demetrius - (Book: Blood of the Sorceress)
David Ventris, Lord Ashthorpe - (Book: Body & Soul)
Don Rafael Perez - (Book: Bond of Blood)
Dominic - (Book: Bonded By Blood)
Duncan O'Conner - (Book: Born in Blood)
Drake - (Book: Bound by Night)
Marquess of Castlereagh
- (Book: Briar & the Rose, The)
Duncan MacKinnon - (Book: Bride Of The Mist)
Donovan O'Roark - (Book: Brides of the Night)
King of the Winged Clans
- (Book: Broken Wings (ebook))
Doug Brewster - (Book: Brotherhood, The (ebook))
Drake - (Book: Burning Alive)
Donovan Caine - (Book: By a Thread)
Dagan Meyers - (Book: Call of the Siren)
Djinn David - (Book: Cape Storm)
Dylan Black - (Book: Celtic Moon)
Drake Chastain - (Book: Chalice (print))
David Teller - (Book: Charmed, I'm Sure)
Declan McCarthy - (Book: Charms and Chocolate Chips)
Daniel Crompton - (Book: Cinderman)
Doyle Fitzgerald - (Book: Circle of Death)
Doyle Fitzgerald - (Book: Circle of Death (reissue))
Dominic Lysander - (Book: City Beneath, The)
Dage Kayrs - (Book: Claimed)
Damien Keller - (Book: Claimed by the Immortal)
Devon Sinclair - (Book: Cold Burn of Magic)
Derek Gabriel - (Book: Crossroads)
Dethan - (Book: Cursed by Fire)
Daemon - (Book: Daemon's Angel)
Damien - (Book: Damien)
Damion Browne - (Book: Danger That is Damion, The)
Dimitri - (Book: Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers, The)
Dr. Robert Darvell - (Book: Dark Changeling)
Darius - (Book: Dark Fire)
Dark Guardian - (Book: Dark Guardian)
Devereux - (Book: Dark Harvest)
Devon Sinclair - (Book: Dark Heart of Magic)
David Argon - (Book: Dark in the Woods)
Dayan - (Book: Dark Melody)
Dominic - (Book: Dark Peril (hardcover))
Dominic - (Book: Dark Peril (paperback))
Devlin Bane - (Book: Dark Protector)
Desmond Lacroix - (Book: Dark Salvation (ebook))
Dax - (Book: Dark Storm (hardcover))
Dax - (Book: Dark Storm (paperback))
Dimitri Tirunul - (Book: Dark Wolf (hardcover))
D.J. Clayborne - (Book: Darkness Beyond)
Derek LaValle - (Book: Date Me, Baby, One More time)
Danaus - (Book: Dawnbreaker)
Danaus - (Book: Dayhunter)
Damon - (Book: Daysider)
Donovan Bramwell - (Book: Dead Walkers: The Protectorate)
Dutch - (Book: Deadly Forecast (hardcover))
Dutch Rivers - (Book: Deadly Forecast (paperback))
Daemon - (Book: Deadly Liaisons)
Dorian Lambert - (Book: Deception)
Drake Sebastian - (Book: Deception Cove)
Danyl - (Book: Deeper Than the Ocean (ebook))
Deacon - (Book: Demon Blood)
Darrak - (Book: Demon in Me, The)
Dain Hawkins - (Book: Demon's Hunger)
Derik Gardner - (Book: Derik's Bane)
Derik Gardner - (Book: Derik's Bane (reissue))
Darien Silver - (Book: Destiny of the Wolf)
Draven the Devil - (Book: Devil's Possession, The)
Damien Ruthven - (Book: Divine Fire)
Dalys Aldgate - (Book: Double Image)
Dillon Cash - (Book: Drop Dead Gorgeous)
David - (Book: Eat, Slay, Love)
Damian Marcel - (Book: Enemy Lover)
Damon Thornheart - (Book: Entity Within, The)
Dante Baptiste - (Book: Etched in Bone)
Duncan - (Book: Eternity)
Dagan - (Book: Fire Maiden)
Drake Vireo - (Book: Fire Me Up)
Declan - (Book: Flamebound)
David - (Book: Flip this Zombie)
Daylan O'Shane - (Book: Footsteps in the Night)
Desmond Lamb - (Book: For Love or Magic)
Dante Valtrez - (Book: Forbidden Passion)
Drake Benedict - (Book: Forest of the Night)
Drake Benedict - (Book: Forest of the Night (reissue))
Dutch Hutchinson - (Book: Ghosts of the Fall (ebook))
Dan Travis - (Book: Gone to the Dogs (ebook))
Dakota Shelton - (Book: Good, the Bad and the Vampire, The)
David Anderson - (Book: Grave Intentions)
Dmitri Stavitskaya - (Book: Grave Vengeance)
Dev Jones - (Book: Guarded)
Daniel Hart - (Book: Hart's Dream)
Daniel Hart - (Book: Hart's Dream (reissue))
David Hart - (Book: Hart's Obsession)
David Koster - (Book: Haunted)
Dominic Bright - (Book: Heart of Darkness)
Darius Montana - (Book: Heart of Stone)
Darius en Kragin - (Book: Heart of the Dragon)
Dermot MacKay - (Book: Heart of the Druid Laird (ebook))
Devlyn Greystoke - (Book: Heart of the Wolf)
Declan MacBride - (Book: Her Wild Hero)
Dartayous - (Book: Highland Dawn (reissue))
Drake Vireo - (Book: Holy Smokes)
Dorian Christensen - (Book: Hostage to Pleasure)
Daunuan - (Book: Hotter Than Hell)
Daunuan - (Book: Hotter than Hell (reissue))
Drake Cameron - (Book: How to Date a Dragon)
Dred Shadowins - (Book: How to Marry a Warlock in 10 Days)
Duncan MacNeill - (Book: Howl for a Highlander, A)
Drake - (Book: Hungers of the Heart)
Drake - (Book: Hungers of the Heart (reprint))
Dylan Meredith - (Book: Hunted, The)
Damien Fitzgerald - (Book: Hunter's Moon)
Duke - (Book: Hunter's Need)
Damien Gray - (Book: Immortal Bride)
David Aronowitz - (Book: Immortal Hunter (ebook))
Decker Argeneau - (Book: Immortal Hunter, The)
Domitian Argenis - (Book: Immortal Unchained)
Darius - (Book: Immortals: The Darkening)
Derek Oneiros - (Book: In Her Wildest Dreams)
Dante Baptiste - (Book: In The Blood)
Deke - (Book: In the Midnight Hour)
Dante Condellaire - (Book: Inferno's Kiss)
Darl James - (Book: Intimate Beings)
Doug Black - (Book: Into the Flame)
Desmond Mershan - (Book: Invasion Of Falgannon Isle, The)
David Patterson - (Book: Jaguar Hunt)
Dolan Trevino - (Book: Jaguar Night)
Debonair - (Book: Jinx)
Donaill - (Book: Keeper of the Light)
Dracula - (Book: Key to Conflict)
Dante - (Book: Kiss of Crimson)
Donovan Shea - (Book: Kiss of Fury)
Doyle - (Book: Kiss of Shadows, A)
Dai - (Book: Kiss of the Goblin Prince)
Dylan Rossi - (Book: Kiss of the Shadow Man)
Don DeMarco - (Book: Lair Of The Lion)
Dante - (Book: Last Vamp Standing)
Dutch - (Book: Lethal Outlook (hardcover))
Dutch - (Book: Lethal Outlook (paperback))
Damon Arkadios - (Book: Lifting the Veil)
Drake - (Book: Light My Fire)
Dean - (Book: Long Hot Summoning, The)
Drystan Hawkes - (Book: Lord of Illusion)
Daigh LacLir - (Book: Lord of Shadows)
Donal Fleming - (Book: Lord Of The Beasts)
Dayn - (Book: Lord of the Wolfyn)
Dragos - (Book: Lord's Fall)
Dylan Ives - (Book: Lure of Song and Magic)
Declan McCarthy - (Book: Magic and Macaroons)
Damon Wilder - (Book: Magic in the Wind)
David - (Book: Married With Zombies)
Darach MacKenzie - (Book: Master of Ecstasy)
Dean Chastell - (Book: Matter of Pride, A (ebook))
Dr. Chris Welsh - (Book: Midnight)
Declan Fitzgerald - (Book: Midnight Bayou (hardcover))
Declan Fitzgerald - (Book: Midnight Bayou (paperback))
Dr. Scott Zimmerman - (Book: Midnight Magic)
Damon - (Book: Midnight Medusa (ebook))
Devon Murphy - (Book: Midnight Moon)
Duncan of Skye - (Book: Mistress of the Storm)
Dougal Weston - (Book: Mists of Midnight, The (ebook))
Dane - (Book: Montana Mustangs)
Demitri - (Book: Mortal Seductions)
Damien - (Book: Must Love Lycans)
Dr. Alec Stratton - (Book: My Darling Druid)
Damien du Bourg - (Book: My Immortal)
Durian - (Book: My Immortal Assassin)
Drake MacKay - (Book: My Immortal Promise)
Dacian - (Book: My Wicked Vampire)
Dustin Blake - (Book: Night is Forever, The)
Dimitri Sandovsky - (Book: Night Life)
Derek Blackwood - (Book: Night's Promise)
Declan Reese - (Book: Nightshade)
Danaus - (Book: Nightwalker)
Dillon Wolf - (Book: Nightwalker)
Dev Peltier - (Book: No Mercy (Hardcover))
Danny Carton - (Book: Nocturnal Urges - A More Perfect Union (ebook))
David - (Book: Of Shadow Born)
Daedalus - (Book: Omegas, The (ebook))
Dante Baptiste - (Book: On Midnight Wings)
Declan MacKenzie - (Book: One Bite Stand)
Dimtri Vidame - (Book: One Bite with a Stranger)
Drake - (Book: Only Lycans Need Apply)
Damon Forsyth - (Book: Phantom Pleasures)
Drew Kincaid - (Book: Play of Passion)
Dante - (Book: Playing with Fire)
Danaus - (Book: Pray for Dawn)
Daedalus - (Book: Prima (ebook))
Dom Gabriel - (Book: Psychic, The (ebook))
Dmitri Sandovsky - (Book: Pure Blood)
Dev Nichita - (Book: Purist of the Breed, The )
Drago - (Book: Purple Magic (ebook))
David Solomon - (Book: Queen of Shadows)
Dr. Gregory Hewitt - (Book: Quick Bite, A)
Dranir Judah Ansara - (Book: Raintree: Sanctuary)
Demetrius - (Book: Rapture's Edge)
Dean Campbell - (Book: Red Heart of Jade, The)
Dean Campbell - (Book: Red Heart of Jade, The)
Dante Blackstone - (Book: Relentless Flame (ebook))
David Roswell - (Book: Remember Me)
David Roswell - (Book: Remember Me (reissue))
Damien Hancock - (Book: Rising Darkness)
Dag - (Book: Rocked By Love)
Dante Notte - (Book: Runaway Vampire)
Dante Prejean - (Book: Rush of Wings, A)
Davinoff - (Book: Sacrament)
Devlin Janus - (Book: Sacred Circle, The)
Drake Donovan - (Book: Savage Nature)
Don Scarletti - (Book: Scarletti Curse)
Dmitri - (Book: Second Skin)
Dean - (Book: Second Summoning, The)
Dante MacMillan - (Book: Secret of the Wolf)
Devyn, King of the Targons - (Book: Seduce the Darkness)
Dirk Adams - (Book: Seduced by the Night)
Declan O'Connell - (Book: Seducing the Moon)
Declan Black - (Book: Shadow of the Vampire)
Damien Tremaine - (Book: Shadow Rising)
David St. Leger - (Book: Shadow's Curse)
David - (Book: Shadow's Fall)
David Solomon - (Book: Shadowflame)
Drakon - (Book: Shadowmaster)
David Fortune - (Book: Shadowy Horses, The)
Dante Romano - (Book: Shape of Desire, The (hardcover))
Drake Hunter - (Book: Shattered Reflections)
Dalton Waverly - (Book: Silent Screams)
Dalton Waverly - (Book: Silent Screams (reissue))
Devin Bryce - (Book: Silent Sonata)
Dexter Grant - (Book: Simply Irresistible)
Dragomir Starkov - (Book: Sleeping Beauty and the Demon)
Darius - (Book: Smoldering Hunger)
Dimitri Grigorescu - (Book: Snow White and the Vampire)
Declan McCarthy - (Book: Some Enchanted Eclair)
Derek Stormwind - (Book: Something About Witches)
Darrack - (Book: Something Wicked)
Dylan Collins - (Book: Something Wicked (ebook))
Darrick Tadhg - (Book: Soul Magic)
Daniel Grogan - (Book: Soul Obsession (ebook))
Darius - (Book: Soul So Wicked, A)
Drew - (Book: Soul Stripper)
Drew - (Book: Soul Surrender)
Declan Chumomisto - (Book: Soulbound)
Daniel Fraser - (Book: Spectre)
Daniel Frasier - (Book: Spectre (paperback))
Donovan Caine - (Book: Spider's Bite)
Derren Hudson - (Book: Spiral of Need)
Dawson Buck - (Book: Starfire)
Dante - (Book: Stroke of Midnight (Anthology))
Derek Marks - (Book: Surviving Demon Island)
Durk Langdon - (Book: Tainted)
Dalton - (Book: Taken By Sin)
Dimitri - (Book: Tale of Two Demon Slayers, A)
Doug Paxton - (Book: Tall, Dark, and Vampire)
Dashiel Thorpe,
Earl of Brimsworth
- (Book: Taming of the Wolf, The)
Devin James - (Book: Taming the Demon)
Demetrius - (Book: Tempted)
Darrak - (Book: That Old Black Magic)
Dragos Ibanescu - (Book: Throne of Oak (ebook))
Damon Adams - (Book: Tomorrow's Treasures)
Deacon Camphire - (Book: Torn)
Dorian - (Book: Trouble With Destiny, The)
Dmitri Dionotte - (Book: Truth About Vampires, The)
Dante - (Book: Twilight Hunger)
Dante - (Book: Twilight Hunger (reissue))
Damien - (Book: Twilight Illusions)
Dominic Trejada - (Book: Unclaimed)
Darius - (Book: Under Darkness)
Dante Coltari - (Book: Untouched)
Dimitri - (Book: Vampire Dimitri, The)
Darkwyn - (Book: Vampire Dragon)
Daniel - (Book: Vampire in Atlantis)
Dougal Kincaid - (Book: Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo, The)
Duncan MacDonnough - (Book: Vampire's Hunger)
Duncan MacDonnough - (Book: Vampire's Thirst)
Damon - (Book: Very Levet Christmas, A (ebook))
Danaus - (Book: Wait for Dusk)
Drake Campbell - (Book: Warrior Enchanted)
David Sadler - (Book: Wasteland)
Duncan Laird - (Book: Water Witch, The )
Donovan Caine - (Book: Web of Lies)
Duncan MacDowell - (Book: Werewolf in Denver)
Derrick Adams - (Book: What's New Pussycat (ebook))
Dante - (Book: When Darkness Comes)
Dominic St. John - (Book: Whisper of Eternity, A)
Dante Garcea - (Book: Wicked Cravings)
Daire Dunne - (Book: Wicked Edge)
Declan O'Hara - (Book: Wicked Road to Hell)
Diego Escobar - (Book: Wild Cat)
Delaney - (Book: Winter Kiss)
Danyon Stone - (Book: Wolven, The)
Drake Vireo - (Book: You Slay Me)


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