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Eye On Romance
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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with G

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Greg Statleon - (Book: Accidentally Dead)
Graf McDonald - (Book: American Vampire)
Gabriel - (Book: Ancient Whispers)
Gage - (Book: Angel's Ink)
George Taylor - (Book: Aphrodite's Kiss)
Gregory Faa - (Book: Art of Stealing Time, The)
Gabriel Thurston - (Book: Ascension)
Gabriel Marchand - (Book: Because Your Vampire Said So)
Garrick McClellan - (Book: Being With Him)
Garrick McClellan - (Book: Being With Him (mass market))
Guy Poitiers - (Book: Beneath The Surface)
Guy Poitiers - (Book: Beneath the Surface (reissue))
Graeme - (Book: Bengal's Quest (hardcover))
Graham Winters - (Book: Big Bad Wolf)
Greyson Crawford - (Book: Black Wolf's Revenge (ebook))
Gareth Takoda - (Book: Blood Moon (ebook))
Griffin Mercer - (Book: Body Thief)
Greyson Crawford - (Book: Brand of the Pack (ebook))
Gideon - (Book: Brink of Eternity (ebook))
Griffin Winters - (Book: Burning Lamp (hardcover))
Griffin Winters - (Book: Burning Lamp (paperback))
Gideon MacInnes - (Book: Call of the Highland Moon)
Gabriel Lupinsky - (Book: Chase Me)
Griffin Durant - (Book: Chasing Midnight)
Griffin Taylor - (Book: Chick With a Charm)
Gabe Cooper - (Book: Cold Touch)
Garreth - (Book: Cursed by Ice)
Gabriel Wulf - (Book: Cursed One, The)
Gabriel MacInnes - (Book: Dark Highland Fire)
Gabriel - (Book: Dark Legend)
Gregori, the Dark One - (Book: Dark Magic)
Gary - (Book: Dark Promises (hardcover))
Greyhill Danby - (Book: Dark Warrior Untamed)
Gideon - (Book: Darkest Lie, The)
Grant Peterson - (Book: Dead By Dusk)
Grant Peterson - (Book: Dead by Dusk (reprint))
Gage - (Book: Dead Man's Deal)
Grim - (Book: Demon Hunting with a Dixie Deb)
Greyson Dante - (Book: Demon Inside)
Greyson Dante - (Book: Demon Possessed)
Gideon - (Book: Desire the Night)
Gavin McCain, Laird - (Book: Destiny's Warrior)
Griffin - (Book: Drowning in Fire)
Gavriil Prakenskii - (Book: Earth Bound)
Gryphon - (Book: Enslaved)
Glen Duncan - (Book: Eternal)
Gray Donohue - (Book: Eternal Beast)
Gareth Solimere - (Book: Everlasting Enchantment)
Gabriel - (Book: Fallen)
Gaius Domitus - (Book: Feel the Burn)
Gifford Knight - (Book: Forever And A Day)
Gabriel Stern - (Book: Generation 18)
Gideon Hawk - (Book: Gideon's Heart)
Gage Garrity - (Book: Going Under)
Graeme MacGrath - (Book: Haunted Warrior)
Grant MacQuarrie - (Book: Hero of a Highland Wolf)
Gregor MacLachlan - (Book: Highland Nights (reissue))
Guthrie MacNeill - (Book: Highland Wolf Christmas, A)
Griffin Fairfax - (Book: His Wicked Sins)
Guerriro - (Book: Hold Onto the Night)
Gage Dixon - (Book: Hungry Like a Wolf)
Gunnar the Red - (Book: Immortal Champion)
Galen - (Book: Immortally Embraced)
Galen - (Book: Immortally Ever After)
Galen - (Book: Immortally Yours)
Gideon Callahan - (Book: Invasion of Justice (ebook))
Grant - (Book: Labrynith of Stars)
Giles - (Book: Lady of the Storm, The)
Garrison Taggart - (Book: Legacy of Lies (ebook))
Gareth St. John - (Book: Lessons After Dark)
Gabriel Hawk - (Book: Lord of Fire (ebook))
Gabriel Hazard - (Book: Lost Enchantress, The)
Gabe MacGowan - (Book: MacGowan's Ghost)
Gideon - (Book: Marked by Moonlight)
Gideon March - (Book: Marked by Moonlight (reissue))
G.T. - (Book: Marriage in a Bottle)
Gawain - (Book: Master of Swords)
Gabriel Stern - (Book: Memory Zero)
Gabriel McGraw - (Book: Midnight Crusader)
Gerard Pasquale - (Book: Midnight Enchantment)
Greg Novak - (Book: Motor City Wolf (E-Book))
Gideon Ravel - (Book: My Lord Vampire)
Gray Calhoun - (Book: Never Again)
Gabriel - (Book: Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors)
Gabriel - (Book: Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men)
Gabriel Nightengale - (Book: Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs)
Gabriel - (Book: Nice Girls Don't Live Forever)
Gator Fontenot - (Book: Night Game)
Gabriel Seran - (Book: Night Lost)
Galen McManus - (Book: Night Mischief)
Grieve - (Book: Night Seeker)
Gareth, Lord Shenley - (Book: Night's Rose)
Gideon - (Book: Nightwalkers: Gideon, The)
Graham - (Book: Once a Gypsy)
Gian Urbano - (Book: One With the Shadows)
Gray Fisher - (Book: Out of Body)
Grady Chastell - (Book: Outfoxed (ebook))
Gabriel Stern - (Book: Penumbra (resissue))
Greg Spencer/Spencer St. Gregory - (Book: Play It Again, Sam)
Gabriel Tauhou - (Book: Playing with Fire)
Garreth MacRieve - (Book: Pleasure of a Dark Prince)
Gareth, Lord Shenley - (Book: Prince of Frogs, The)
Gus - (Book: Protected, The)
Gideon Raintree - (Book: Raintree: Haunted)
Griffin - (Book: Renegade)
Garrett Dermonté - (Book: Reunited)
Garrett Mortimer - (Book: Rogue Hunter, The)
Gerald St. Simon - (Book: Royal Street)
Graham Fitz Clare - (Book: Saving Midnight)
Gregori Holstein - (Book: Sexiest Vampire Alive)
Grigori - (Book: Shades of Gray)
Galen - (Book: Shadow Highlander)
Garran - (Book: Shadow Magic)
Gabriel Robichaux - (Book: Shadow Wolf, The)
Graydon - (Book: Shadow's End)
Gaven Matthias - (Book: Shadowlight)
Gabriel - (Book: Shadows on the Soul)
Greyson Crawford - (Book: Silver Wolf Clan (ebook))
Greer Berkley - (Book: Song of Midnight Embers (ebook))
Griff Ryland - (Book: Sparrow and The Hawk, The)
Grey Coyote - (Book: Spirit of the Wolf)
Greyson Dane - (Book: Star Raiders)
Greyson Crawford - (Book: Summit of the Wolf (ebook))
Gideon O'Toole - (Book: Sunrise in a Garden of Love & Evil)
Gideon Chase - (Book: Tall, Dark & Fangsome)
Gabriel Toussaint Giodarno - (Book: Tempt Me)
Gabriel d'Aubrigny - (Book: Theft of Shadows)
Gabriel Keene - (Book: Twice Bitten (reissue))
Gideon Green - (Book: Vampire Trinity)
Gabriel Huntley - (Book: Warrior)
Gray de Coursy - (Book: Warrior's Curse)
Gray James - (Book: Watchers in the Night)
Gray James - (Book: Watchers in the Night (reprint))
Gwenvael the Handsome - (Book: What a Dragon Should Know)
Graham McNeil - (Book: Wild Wolf)
Gabriel Bellmonte - (Book: Wolf's Heart, A)
Grayson Hadley - (Book: Wolfishly Yours)


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