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Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with J

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Justin Bricker - (Book: About a Vampire)
Jason - (Book: After Sundown:Illumination)
Joshua Striker - (Book: Alexandra's Legacy)
Jackson Carter - (Book: Always and Forever Love)
Jimmy Sanducci - (Book: Apocalypse Happens)
Janvier - (Book: Archangel's Shadows)
Jason - (Book: Archangel's Storm)
Jameson Bryant - (Book: At Twilight)
James Farraday - (Book: Awaken the Curse (ebook))
Jag - (Book: Beast Within, The)
Jack MacGrath - (Book: Beauty and the Werewolf)
John Trelawny - (Book: Best Wishes Always)
Jordan Walker - (Book: Beyond Control)
Joseph - (Book: Binding Ties)
John - (Book: Bite Me, I'm Yours (ebook))
Jacob Eddington - (Book: Biting the Bride)
Jackson Slater - (Book: Black Magic)
Jude Black - (Book: Black Moon Awakening)
Jasper Danes - (Book: Blonde With A Wand)
Jasper - (Book: Blood Lust)
Jason Schuyler - (Book: Blood Noir)
Josef Darecky - (Book: Blood Son)
Jacken Brun - (Book: Bloodline War, The )
Jean-Claude - (Book: Bloody Bones)
Jonah McBride - (Book: Blue Moon)
Jean-Marie St. Just - (Book: Bond of Fire)
Jack Winter - (Book: Bone Gods)
Jameson Bryant - (Book: Born in Twilight)
Jean-Pierre - (Book: Born of Ashes)
Jake Lowell - (Book: Bound by Light)
Jaykun - (Book: Bound by Sin)
Jacob - (Book: Bound by the Vampire Queen)
Josh Michaels - (Book: Burn Baby Burn)
Jake Bannaconni - (Book: Burning Wild)
Jean-Claude - (Book: Burnt Offerings)
Jason - (Book: Call Of The Moon)
Judd - (Book: Caressed by Ice)
Jean-Claude - (Book: Cerulean Sins)
John Powell - (Book: Chains of Ice)
Josh Talarkoteen - (Book: Changeling Dawn)
James MacLeod - (Book: Changeling Dream)
Jimmy Sanducci - (Book: Chaos Bites)
Jason Blue - (Book: Chocolate Quake)
Jean-Daniel Girard - (Book: Cinderella and the Ghost)
Jon Barnett - (Book: Circle of Fire)
Jon Barnett - (Book: Circle of Fire (reissue))
Jean-Claude - (Book: Circus of the Damned)
Jean-Claude - (Book: Circus of the Damned (reissue))
Jude Messenger - (Book: Claim the Night)
Jack Norton - (Book: Conspiracy Game)
Jake Kenyon - (Book: Covenant, The)
Justin Henry Boucher - (Book: Crescent Moon)
Jackson Holt - (Book: Crux)
Jake - (Book: Dark Angel)
Julian Savage - (Book: Dark Challenge)
Jack Winter - (Book: Dark Days)
Jacques - (Book: Dark Desire)
Jack Marstone - (Book: Dark Enchantment)
Jack Hallihan - (Book: Dark Gate, The)
Jack - (Book: Dark Horse, The)
Jace Jericho - (Book: Dark Lies)
Jake Macgregor - (Book: Dark Magic)
Jack Wolfe - (Book: Dark Plain, The)
Jason - (Book: Dark Warrior)
Julian Darke - (Book: Darke London)
Jarvis Donahue - (Book: Darkness Unknown)
Jagr - (Book: Darkness Unleashed)
Jean-Marc des Ombres - (Book: Daughter Of The Blood)
Jean-Marc - (Book: Daughter Of The Flames)
Jake McCann - (Book: Dead Sexy)
Joaquin Santiago - (Book: Dead Sexy (reissue))
John Brodie - (Book: Deadly Web)
Joe Connolly - (Book: Death Dealer, The)
Jett - (Book: Deep in Crimson)
Jake Hawkins - (Book: Demon Bound)
Jack Winter - (Book: Demon Bound)
Jared - (Book: Demon Does It Better)
Jack Winter - (Book: Devil's Business)
James Sherbourne - (Book: Devil's Kiss)
Japhrimel - (Book: Devil's Right Hand, The)
Jinx - (Book: Dire Desires)
Jimmy Sanducci - (Book: Doomsday Can Wait)
Judson Coppersmith - (Book: Dream Eyes (hardcover))
Judson Coppersmith - (Book: Dream Eyes (paperback))
Jake Silver - (Book: Dreaming of the Wolf)
Jean-Marc Dansant - (Book: Dreamveil)
Jack Thornton - (Book: Edge of the Moon)
Jean Lafitte - (Book: Elysian Fields)
Jude Donovan - (Book: Eternal Hunger)
Jude Donovan - (Book: Eternal Hunter)
Jude Donovan - (Book: Eternal Hunter (reissue))
Julian of Macedon - (Book: Fantasy Lover)
Jace Warden - (Book: Feral Heat (Ebook))
Jack Winters - (Book: Fired Up (hardcover))
Jack Winters - (Book: Fired Up (paperback))
Jackson Waverly - (Book: Forever)
Justin Miller - (Book: Forgotten Sea)
Johnny Bradfordini - (Book: Full Moon Dreams)
Jovan Delonte - (Book: Full Moon Inheritance)
Jackson Granger - (Book: Ghost of a Promise)
Joshua Brandt - (Book: Ghost Walking (ebook))
Jack Deverell - (Book: Grave Destination)
John Brittain (Britt) - (Book: Grave Illusions)
Jackson Grant - (Book: Griffin's Secret, The (ebook))
Jean-Claude - (Book: Guilty Pleasures)
Jonah Gray Wolf - (Book: Healer, The)
Jared Reed
Sam Stone
- (Book: Heaven-Sent Husband)
John Loughlin - (Book: Her Secret Agent (ebook novella))
Jackson Deveau - (Book: Hidden Currents)
Jagger Castille - (Book: His Darkest Embrace)
Jaxon Castille - (Book: His Darkest Hunger)
Julian Castille - (Book: His Darkest Salvation)
Jonathan Knottmann - (Book: Hollywood After Dark - All Night Inn (ebook))
Johnny Bulluci - (Book: Hot Mama)
John Staunton
Earl of Langley
- (Book: Hunger, The)
Justin Delgado - (Book: Hunter, Healer)
Julian Sawyer - (Book: Hunting Julian)
Julian Kenwood
- (Book: If He's Wicked)
Jericho Taylor - (Book: Illicit Hunger (ebook))
Jericho Taylor - (Book: Illicit Hunger (ebook))
Jason Rourke - (Book: Immortal Sins)
Johann Herrmann - (Book: Impetuous Amazon, The (ebook))
Jean-Claude - (Book: Incubus Dreams)
James Maitland - (Book: It Happened One Bite)
Jace Johnson - (Book: Jace)
Jacob - (Book: Jacob)
Jake Hill - (Book: Jake's Touch)
Jamie - (Book: Jamie (reissue))
Jared Johnson - (Book: Jared)
Jason Schuyler - (Book: Jason )
Jagger DeFarge - (Book: Keepers, The)
Jason Tarkenton - (Book: Last Cavalier, The)
Jason Tarkenton - (Book: Last Cavalier, The)
Jason Tarkenton - (Book: Last Cavalier, The (reissue))
Jeremy Burns - (Book: Last Wolf Hunting)
Jean-Claude - (Book: Laughing Corpse, The)
Joe Ryan - (Book: Lion Heart)
Jonas Wyatt - (Book: Lion's Heat)
Justin Corvis - (Book: Love Me Forever)
John Harlan, Detective - (Book: Lover in the Shadows)
John Matthew - (Book: Lover Mine (Hardcover))
John Matthew - (Book: Lover Mine (paperback))
Jack Heart - (Book: Lover's Bite)
Julian Barlow - (Book: Marked by the Moon)
Jim London - (Book: Master of Wolves)
Joe Bascombe - (Book: Match Made in Hell, A)
Jayce Kazan - (Book: Mating Instinct)
Jasyn Dydarren - (Book: Midnight Falls)
Jaden Harrison - (Book: Midnight Reckoning)
Julian - (Book: Midnight's Kiss)
Jake Kosevo - (Book: Mr. Right Now)
Joe Files - (Book: Murder Under A Mystic Moon)
Joshua Russell - (Book: Must Love Fangs)
Jason Pickering Goddard - (Book: My Favorite Witch)
Jensen Adler - (Book: My Sister is a Werewolf)
Jensen Adler - (Book: My Sister Is a Werewolf)
Jonah - (Book: My Soul To Keep)
Jack VanAllen - (Book: My Sunny Vampire (ebook))
Joshua Gage - (Book: Mystery Woman (hardcover))
Joshua Gage - (Book: Mystery Woman (paperback))
Jean-Claude - (Book: Narcissus in Chains)
Jayce Fierro - (Book: Never Dare a Dragon)
Jay Barnes - (Book: Night Mist)
Jay Barnes - (Book: Night Mist (reissue))
Jamys Durand - (Book: Nightbred)
Jaguar Strike - (Book: Nightkeepers)
Justin Drake - (Book: Nightwalker)
Jonathan Raven - (Book: Nightwing)
Jase Terrell - (Book: Now and Forever)
Jase Terrell - (Book: Now and Forever (reissue))
Jean-Claude - (Book: Obsidian Butterfly)
Jamie DiBarto - (Book: On the Way to Heaven)
Joe - (Book: One Hex of a Wedding)
Jake Colson - (Book: One Lucky Vampire)
John de Piaget - (Book: One Magic Moment)
Jergan - (Book: One With the Darkness)
Jebel Haven - (Book: Partners)
Jared MacNeill - (Book: Perfect Gift, The)
Joel Brannon - (Book: Perfect Stranger, The)
Joseph Dolce - (Book: Persecuted)
Jackson Crow - (Book: Phantom Evil)
Jackson Crow - (Book: Phantom Evil (reprint))
Jack Wood - (Book: Phantom Traces (ebook))
Joey - (Book: Poison Kissed)
Jim Heron - (Book: Possession (hardcover))
Jim Heron - (Book: Possession (paperback))
Jess Calhoun - (Book: Predatory Game)
Jason Cage - (Book: Primal Desires)
Jaxon Law - (Book: Primal Law: An Alpha Pack Novel)
Joe Bleythin - (Book: Primal Needs)
Joryn - (Book: Prince of Fire)
John Devlin - (Book: Prophet, The)
Justin - (Book: Rapture in Moonlight)
Jag - (Book: Rapture Untamed)
Jeremy Blade - (Book: Real Vampires Don't Diet)
Jeremy Blade - (Book: Real Vampires Hate Skinny Jeans)
Jeremiah - (Book: Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs)
Jeremy Blade - (Book: Real Vampires Have Curves)
Jeremiah Campbell - (Book: Real Vampires Know Hips Happen)
Jeremiah Campbell - (Book: Real Vampires Know Size Matters)
Japheth - (Book: Redemption)
John Devlin - (Book: Restorer, The)
Jess - (Book: Retribution (Hardcover))
Jess Brady - (Book: Retribution (paperback))
Josh Michaels - (Book: Riding in on a Burning Tire)
Jago Mershan - (Book: Riding the Thunder)
John Rodolfo - (Book: Rising Moon)
Jean Lafitte - (Book: River Road)
Jesse Nelson - (Book: Rowan's Ascension (ebook))
Jason Stratton - (Book: Running With Wolves)
Jude Crosby - (Book: Sacred Evil)
Jonas - (Book: Safe Harbor)
Jasper Gray - (Book: Savannah Sacrifice)
Jasha Wilde - (Book: Scent of Darkness)
Jachin Black - (Book: Scions: Resurrection)
Jed Braden - (Book: Seance, The)
Jules Gerard - (Book: Secrets in the Shadows)
Jules Gerard - (Book: Secrets in the Shadows (reprint))
Jacques LaRoche - (Book: Seeker of Shadows)
Jace - (Book: Shadow Marked)
Jack Talent - (Book: Shadowdance)
Josh - (Book: Shifter's Destiny)
Julian McDonald - (Book: Shifting Love)
Julian McDonald - (Book: Shifting Love (reissue))
J.T. Drake - (Book: Shocking Behavior)
Jake Kelly - (Book: Sight Unseen)
Joe - (Book: Silent Night, Haunted Night)
Jace Montgomery - (Book: Someone to Love)
Jace Cutler - (Book: Soul Bound)
Jack Winter - (Book: Soul Trade)
Julian of Tir - (Book: Spellbound-Legend)
Jack Fletcher - (Book: Steamed)
Jackson Tate - (Book: Still Close to Heaven)
Jack - (Book: Stork)
Jason Falco - (Book: Strange Neighbors)
Jarrett Taylor - (Book: Stranger in the Mist)
Jarrett Taylor - (Book: Stranger in the Mist (reissue))
Jack Winter - (Book: Street Magic)
Jesse Bradford - (Book: Stronger than Sin)
Jamie Murdoch - (Book: Surrender to Darkness)
Jason of Artane - (Book: Tapestry (Anthology))
Jack Tallis - (Book: Tastes of Love & Evil)
Jackson Foss - (Book: Tempted by Blood)
John Boehler
- (Book: Tempted in the Night)
Jake Tyler - (Book: Time Raiders: The Seeker)
Jared - (Book: Touch a Dark Wolf)
Jarvis Swain - (Book: Touch if you Dare)
Jack Frost - (Book: Traveler)
Joshua - (Book: Twice In A Lifetime)
Jace McCannon - (Book: Twilight Hunter )
James Poe - (Book: Twilight Prophecy)
Julian - (Book: Unchained (ebook))
Jean-Luc - (Book: Undead Next Door, The)
Jackson Wulf - (Book: Untamed One, The)
John Mystic - (Book: Upon a Mystic Tide)
Jack McGunn - (Book: Valkyrie's Guardian, The)
Julian Kane - (Book: Vampire Who Loved Me, The)
Johnny - (Book: Vicious Circle)
Jake Cunningham - (Book: Violet Dawn)
Jake Cunningham - (Book: Violet Midnight)
Jonah Walker - (Book: Vowed in Shadows)
John Nightwalker - (Book: Warrior, The)
Jake Hunter - (Book: Werewolf in Alaska)
Jude Anthony - (Book: What a Demon Wants)
Josh Phillips - (Book: When Dreams Come True)
Julian Ascher - (Book: Where Demons Fear to Tread)
Jeremy Dunstan - (Book: Wild and Hexy)
Jason Crickett - (Book: Wish Upon a Star (ebook))
Jack McAllister - (Book: Witch Fire)
Joarr Enge - (Book: Witch Thief, The)
Jed Trudeau - (Book: Witch's Handbook of Kisses and Curses, A)
J.B. Pendleton - (Book: Witchy Business (Anthology))
Jacque LaForge - (Book: Wolf at the Door (ebook))
Japhrimel/Gabe - (Book: Working For The Devil)
Joe Bascombe - (Book: You're the One That I Haunt)


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