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Eye On Romance
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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Search by Hero

Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with K

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Keegan Flaherty - (Book: Accidental Werewolf, The)
Keenan - (Book: Angel of Darkness)
Keenan - (Book: Angel of Darkness (reprint))
Kasabian - (Book: Angel Seduced)
Kerrick - (Book: Ascension)
Kazimir Vasilov
- (Book: Awaiting the Night)
Kane - (Book: Beholder, The)
Kalen Black - (Book: Black Moon)
Keegan - (Book: Blood of the Demon)
Kere - (Book: Born of Silence (hardcover))
Karl - (Book: Breath of Fire)
Kiril - (Book: Burning Desire)
Kristoff - (Book: Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang)
Karrel Dante - (Book: Dante's Girl)
Kerr Vik - (Book: Dark Crusade)
Kaderil - (Book: Dark Deceiver)
Kellan - (Book: Darkest Flame)
Kaziel - (Book: Darkness Within)
Ken Norton - (Book: Deadly Game)
Kane Chambers - (Book: Desert Dreams)
Kyden - (Book: Devil's Kiss, The)
Kostya - (Book: Dragon Fall)
Keenan Eagle - (Book: Dreams of An Eagle)
Kellan Archer - (Book: Edge of Dawn (hardcover))
Kellan Archer - (Book: Edge of Dawn (paperback))
Kieran - (Book: Eternally)
Kaldar Mar - (Book: Fate's Edge)
Karr - (Book: Fire King, The)
Karr - (Book: Fire King, The (mass market))
Kyden - (Book: First and Last)
Kyle Harris - (Book: Grave Silence (ebook))
Kol Hildr - (Book: Guardian's Keep)
Knox - (Book: Hard As a Rock)
Kees - (Book: Heart of Stone)
Kaiden Thorne - (Book: His Dark Embrace)
Kougar - (Book: Hunger Untamed)
Kane Winter - (Book: Hunting The Hunter)
Kalen - (Book: Immortals: The Awakening)
Kyle Cordell - (Book: Jenny's Legacy)
Kade - (Book: Kissing Sin)
Koishi - (Book: Koishi (ebook))
Kaegan Langford - (Book: Love Starts with Z)
Kai Faulkes - (Book: Lynx Destiny)
Kade Kavanaugh - (Book: Magic Possessed)
Kane - (Book: Mate of the Pack Wolf)
Kenzie Gregor - (Book: Moonlight Warrior)
Kellen - (Book: My Way to Hell)
Kyrian Hunter - (Book: Night Pleasures)
Korvel - (Book: Nightborn)
Kristopher Daniels - (Book: Oath Bound)
King Daken - (Book: Oracle)
Khalil - (Book: Oracle's Moon)
Kieran - (Book: Prince of Shadows)
Kimber Langford,
Earl of Chasen
- (Book: Queen of Dragons (paperback))
Kimber Langford - (Book: Queen of Dragons (hardcover))
Kit Makinna - (Book: Raven in Amber)
Kane Cannon - (Book: Ruthless Game)
Kade Sharpe - (Book: Saving Destiny)
Kade - (Book: Shades of Midnight)
Ky Londen - (Book: Shadow of the Wolf)
Ky Londen - (Book: Shadow of the Wolf (reissue))
Kyol - (Book: Shadow Reader, The)
Kenyen Sin Siin - (Book: Shifter, The)
Kodan Sin Siin - (Book: Shifting Plains)
Kodan Sin Siin - (Book: Shifting Plains (paperback))
Key DeMicca - (Book: Sinful Magic)
Kenneth - (Book: Siren's Call)
Kit Gallatin - (Book: Snow in Summer)
Kevin - (Book: Someone in the House)
Kent Stuart - (Book: Spirit of the Heart)
Kinich - (Book: Sun God Seeks. . .Surrogate (paperback))
Kane - (Book: Sun Witch, The)
Kerrigan - (Book: Sword of Darkness)
Kale - (Book: Touch (ebook))
Kellan Scott - (Book: Touch of Temptation)
Kale - (Book: Toxic)
Kale - (Book: Tremble)
Killian O'Brien - (Book: Truth or Demon)
Kit Sariel - (Book: Twilight Guardian)
Kale - (Book: Untouched (ebook))
Kaz - (Book: Vampire Hunter, The)
Kellen Falcon - (Book: Vampire's Quest, The)
Killian Bane - (Book: Vampires Never Cry Wolf)
Kalan - (Book: Vengeance Born)
Kol Moonring - (Book: Waking the Dragon)
Kane Montague - (Book: Warrior Avenged)
Kennichi Ogawa - (Book: Warrior Spirit (Rogue Angel))
Konrad Wolfensen - (Book: Werewolf Upstairs, The)
Kendrick - (Book: White Tiger)
Keir - (Book: Wicked Magic)
Kellach Dunne - (Book: Wicked Ride (ebook))
Kyden - (Book: Wicked, The)
Kyril Taruskin - (Book: Wild)
Kyden - (Book: Willow, The)
Kestrel - (Book: Wings of Redemption (ebook))
Korlen - (Book: Wizard's Bridge)
Kane McGraw - (Book: Wolf Siren, The)


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