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Eye On Romance
Featured Author
Nancy Bush

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Nancy Bush
You Can't Escape
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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with L

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Lysander - (Book: All That Falls)
Lysander Condellarie - (Book: Assassin's Heart)
Lon - (Book: Banishing the Dark)
Lou Crushek - (Book: Bear Meets Girl)
Luke Hale - (Book: Bewitching the Bachelor)
Lon Butler - (Book: Binding the Shadows)
Lucian Argeneau - (Book: Bite Me If You Can)
Luca Ambrus - (Book: Blood Born)
Lord Rhyzkahl - (Book: Blood of the Demon)
Lucien Mondragon - (Book: Bloodright)
Logan Kitridge - (Book: Blue Dahlia)
Lou Malone - (Book: Blue Twilight)
Lou Malone - (Book: Blue Twilight (reissue))
Lokan Krayl - (Book: Body of Sin)
Lokan Krayl - (Book: Body of Sin)
Larem - (Book: Bound by Darkness)
Lance and Stefan Duquesne - (Book: Brothers of the Night)
Leto Garnis - (Book: Caged Warrior)
Luke MacKenzie - (Book: Casting Spells)
Logan Hardington - (Book: Catch of a Lifetime)
Lucian - (Book: Chains of Darkness)
Lucas Sebastian - (Book: Crystal Gardens (hardcover))
Lucas Sebastian - (Book: Crystal Gardens (paperback))
Luke Oliver - (Book: Cursed, The)
Lucan MacLeod - (Book: Dangerous Highlander)
Lucan - (Book: Dark Need)
Landry Prince - (Book: Dark Paradise)
Landry Prince - (Book: Dark Redemption)
Landry Prince - (Book: Dark Sacrifice)
Lucien - (Book: Darkest Kiss, The)
Lucien - (Book: Darkest Kiss, The (reissue))
Lachlan McLeod - (Book: Darkness Becomes Her)
Logan Byrne - (Book: Dating the Undead)
Logan - (Book: Deliver Me from Temptation)
Levi Spencer - (Book: Demon and the Succubus, The)
Leo Bailey - (Book: Demon's Bride)
Lucius - (Book: Demonkeepers)
Lyon - (Book: Desire Untamed)
Lady Jasmina Karlyle - (Book: Double Enchantment)
Lachlan MacGregor - (Book: Drawn Into Darkness)
Lore - (Book: Ecstasy Unveiled)
Liam Donovan - (Book: Enchanted)
Lucius Adaire - (Book: Enslave Me Sweetly)
Lucian Roman - (Book: Eternal Captive)
Lachlan Baird - (Book: Everlastin')
Luis D'Amil - (Book: Everlasting Bad Boys)
Lakon Montgomery - (Book: Family Harmony (ebook))
Lucian Agrado - (Book: Flash of Hex, A)
Lorenzo - (Book: Flashfire)
Logan Kelly - (Book: Forbidden Embers)
Lincoln Aimes - (Book: Forever and Always)
Luc St. Just - (Book: Forever Claimed)
Lucas Griffin - (Book: Forever Summer, The)
Liam Niall - (Book: Forged of Shadows)
Leo Alvarez - (Book: Forsaken)
Louis-Cesare - (Book: Fury's Kiss)
Lorn - (Book: Gargoyle's Dominion (ebook))
Leto Distra - (Book: Gates of Rapture)
Liam O'Reilly - (Book: Ghost for Sale)
Levi St. John - (Book: Ghost Gifts)
Lance Van Baaren - (Book: Golden Vampire)
Lance Knight - (Book: Hard Day's Knight, A(ebook))
Lance Jacobs - (Book: Harmony's Way)
Laev T'Hawthorn - (Book: Heart Search)
Leif - (Book: Hearts of Shadow)
Lemurian Alton - (Book: Hellfire)
Landon Donovan - (Book: Her Perfect Mate)
Luke Pascal - (Book: Highlander Christmas, A)
Lachlan - (Book: Hope Everlastin')
Laith - (Book: Hot Blooded)
Leo - (Book: How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days)
Lachlain MacRieve - (Book: Hunger Like No Other, A)
Logan Hunter - (Book: Hungry Like a Wolf)
Lee Goram - (Book: Hunter by Night)
Lazarus Jones - (Book: Ice Queen, The)
Lord Ashton Radmoor - (Book: If He's Sinful)
Lucas Cortez - (Book: Industrial Magic)
Lucian Agrado - (Book: Inhuman Resources)
Linc Dawson - (Book: Innocent, The (ebook))
Lucien Antonescu - (Book: Insatiable)
Lucan Thorne - (Book: Kiss of Midnight)
Luc Le Daun - (Book: Kiss of the Betrayer)
Luke MacKenzie - (Book: Laced With Magic)
Liam Doyle - (Book: Liam (ebook))
Lord Rhys - (Book: Lord of the Desert)
Lugh MacKeir
Laird of Tunvegan
- (Book: Lost Touch of Paradise, A)
Lucas Kenyon - (Book: Lost Wolf's Destiny, The)
Lothaire - (Book: Lothaire)
Lux Sariel - (Book: Lux in Shadows)
Lycan Mason - (Book: Lycan Unleashed (ebook))
Luke - (Book: Magical Dawn (ebook))
Lucas Connelly - (Book: Magician, The)
Lachlan - (Book: Mane Squeeze, The)
Lachlan MacRyrie - (Book: Mane Squeeze, The (reissue))
Laurent - (Book: Master of Darkness)
Logan MacRoy - (Book: Master of Fire)
Llyr Aleyn Galatyn - (Book: Master of the Moon)
Lord Alesandro de Avallone - (Book: Midnight Embrace)
Louis-Cesare - (Book: Midnight's Daughter)
Lasairian - (Book: Mistress of the Waters)
Liam Grant - (Book: Moon Cursed)
Lucien Valin - (Book: My Lord Eternity)
Lucas Simone - (Book: Never Cry Wolf)
Lucas Simone - (Book: Never Cry Wolf)
Logan Marshall - (Book: New Moon)
Lucian Agrado - (Book: Night Child)
Lance St. Leger - (Book: Night Drifter, The)
Lucas Vanderwyck - (Book: Perfect Darkness, A)
Liam Morrisey - (Book: Pride Mates)
Liam Morrissey - (Book: Pride Mates (mass market))
Liam Armstrong - (Book: Primal Possession)
Lyr Hern - (Book: Prince of Swords)
Luke GĂ©vaudan - (Book: Prince of Wolves)
Liam McCathal - (Book: Ravenous)
Liam McCathal - (Book: Ravenous (reprint))
Lucifer - (Book: Requiem for the Devil)
Luniel - (Book: Revelation)
Luther Malone - (Book: Running Hot)
Luther Malone - (Book: Running Hot (reissue))
Logan Reed - (Book: Sanctuary)
Landon Rourke - (Book: Scions: Insurrection)
Lord Quentin Forster - (Book: Secret of the Wolf)
Leidolf Wildhaven - (Book: Seduced by the Wolf)
Luther Cross - (Book: Servant: The Kindred)
Lucien Thorpe - (Book: Shades of Midnight)
Lucien Thorpe - (Book: Shades of Scarlet)
Lucien Thorpe - (Book: Shades of Winter)
Lance Marshall - (Book: Shadow of the Moon)
Leander - (Book: Shadow's Edge)
Lucern Argeneau - (Book: Single White Vampire)
Lucas Hunter - (Book: Slave to Sensation)
Lucius Nightwing - (Book: Soulfire (ebook))
Luke - (Book: Spells and Stitches)
Luke MacKenzie - (Book: Spun By Sorcery)
Lucan Hern - (Book: Star Witch, The)
Leo - (Book: Stop Dragon My Heart Around (ebook))
Liam Gray - (Book: Storm Surge )
Luc Black - (Book: Summer Moon)
Lon Butler - (Book: Summoning the Night)
Lukas Sebastiani - (Book: Taste Me)
Lord Rockhurst - (Book: Tempted by the Night)
Leo North - (Book: That Touch of Magic)
Londo "Valiant" Rand - (Book: Touch of Danger)
Lucien Morgret - (Book: Touch of Night)
Lucaine Herrick - (Book: Touch Of The Wolf)
Lord Rhys Langford - (Book: Treasure Keeper, The (paperback))
Luis Rocha - (Book: Unbroken)
Ludvig Rundstrom - (Book: Unleashing, The)
Layel - (Book: Vampire's Bride, The)
Luke Stanton - (Book: Venus Envy)
Luke Granger - (Book: Waking Up Dead)
Lev Prakenskii - (Book: Water Bound )
Luke Dalton - (Book: Werewolf in Las Vegas)
Lucius Dragos - (Book: When Blood Calls)
Lucien - (Book: When Darkness Falls)
Lander Cornelius - (Book: Wicked Beast)
Liam McClellan - (Book: Wickedly Dangerous)
Liam McClellan - (Book: Wickedly Ever After (ebook))
Lannes - (Book: Wild Road, The)
Lorian Nightwing - (Book: Windburn (ebook))
Logan Winters - (Book: Wrong Side of Hell (novella))


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