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Lisa Jackson

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Lisa Jackson
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Search by Hero

Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with M

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Mirren Kincaid - (Book: Absolution)
McAllister Malone - (Book: Accidental Dragon, The)
Maax - (Book: Accidentally. . .Over?)
Maxim Prakenskii - (Book: Air Bound)
Merrick - (Book: All That Bleeds)
Max - (Book: Beast of Darkness)
Mitch Carnegie - (Book: Black Rose)
Mark Lowe (Kong) - (Book: Black Smoke)
Matthew - (Book: Blood Fire)
Mitch Greer - (Book: Blood of My Blood)
Mark Davidson - (Book: Blood Red)
Mark Davidson - (Book: Blood Red (reissue))
Mitch Greer - (Book: Blood Red Dawn)
Malkolm - (Book: Blood Rights)
Michael Ziffkin - (Book: Blood Secrets)
Mitch Greer - (Book: Blood Ties)
Max Dempsey - (Book: Body Master)
Max Shannon - (Book: Bonds of Justice)
Max Savoie - (Book: Bound by Moonlight)
Michael - (Book: Bound By Sin)
Maxum - (Book: Bound in Darkness)
Mira - (Book: Burn the Night)
Marcus Amargi - (Book: Burning Skies)
Max Savoie - (Book: Captured by Moonlight)
Matthew McDowell - (Book: Charon's Crossing)
Micah Chase - (Book: Chase the Darkness)
Max Savoie - (Book: Chased by Moonlight)
Michael Kelly - (Book: Chasing the Shadows)
Michael Kelly - (Book: Chasing the Shadows (reprint))
Maximillian Prescott - (Book: Chosen By Desire)
Michael MacKenzie - (Book: Claimed By the Demon)
Marcus - (Book: Colliding Forces)
Marcus - (Book: Colliding Forces (reissue))
Mason Foye - (Book: Cougar's Pawn, The (ebook))
Matthew Parker - (Book: Covert Wolf, The)
Mitch Greer - (Book: Crave (anthology))
Matt Mecate - (Book: Crave the Moon)
Morgan Hunter - (Book: Crimson)
Marius - (Book: Crimson & Steam)
Max Hunter - (Book: Cursed to Death)
Marco Taresque - (Book: Damsel and the Daggerman, The (ebook novella))
Michael Kelly - (Book: Dancing with the Devil)
Michael Kelly - (Book: Dancing with the Devil (reissue))
Mikhail Day - (Book: Dangerously Charming)
Michael Gregory - (Book: Dark Lord, The)
Manolito De La Cruz - (Book: Dark Possession (Hardcover))
Mikhail Dubrinsky - (Book: Dark Prince)
Mikhail Dubrinsky - (Book: Dark Prince (author's cut edition))
Mikhail Dubrinsky - (Book: Dark Prince (reissue))
Matthias - (Book: Dark Stranger)
Mace Ridfort - (Book: Dark Truth)
Matt Sykes - (Book: Darker Shade of Dead, A)
Maddox - (Book: Darkest Night, The)
Maddox - (Book: Darkest Night, The (reissue))
Maddox - (Book: Darkness Descending)
Marcus - (Book: Deep Magic)
Maksim Kostova - (Book: Demon Can't Help It)
Malkom Slaine - (Book: Demon From the Dark)
Mac Flannery - (Book: Demon's Curse)
Matthias Ambrose - (Book: Demons Like It Hot)
Matt - (Book: Devil May Care)
Michael Archer - (Book: Devilishly Sexy)
Matthew Clairmont - (Book: Discovery of Witches (hardcover))
Matthew Clairmont - (Book: Discovery of Witches (paperback))
Mort Krisner - (Book: Ditchwalkers, The)
Max - (Book: Dog Days)
Maxis Drago - (Book: Dragonbane (hardcover))
Matthew - (Book: Dreamcatcher)
Miles Dunbar - (Book: Dunbar's Curse)
McKell - (Book: Ecstasy in Darkness)
Michael Quinn - (Book: Edge of Danger)
Merek Kingston - (Book: Embrace the Night)
Maxwell Tremayne - (Book: Embracing Darkness)
Marcus Cross - (Book: Enemy Lover)
Mencheres - (Book: Eternal Kiss of Darkness)
Mark Vereker - (Book: Eternally Yours)
Master Byrne - (Book: Evermore)
Matthew Gallow - (Book: Fallen Angel)
Mick - (Book: Firewalker)
Marcus Stephens - (Book: Flashback)
Marcus Stephens - (Book: Flashback (reissue))
Michael Lynsay - (Book: From the Dark)
Mac - (Book: Fury of Seduction)
Marax - (Book: Games of Desire (ebook))
Michael - (Book: Getting Rid of Rosie)
Mark Ellison - (Book: Ghosts of Boyfriends Past)
Michael - (Book: Grave Sins)
Michael - (Book: Guardian Demon)
Mason LanVal - (Book: Guardian of the Night)
Mac Stanford
- (Book: Hangar 13)
Mac Stanford
- (Book: Hangar 13 (reissue))
Mac Stanford
- (Book: Hangar 13 (reissue))
Matt Stone - (Book: Haunted)
Michael Kelly - (Book: Hearts In Darkness)
Michael Kelly - (Book: Hearts in Darkness (reprint))
MacAllister Booke - (Book: Heaven And Earth)
Marius Drakon - (Book: Heiress to a Curse)
Malachi Cartwright - (Book: Hidden Moon)
Max Fitzroy - (Book: Highwayman, The)
Mason Blacksword - (Book: His Chosen Bride)
Mason Blacksword - (Book: His Chosen Bride (reissue))
Mark Abbott - (Book: Hocus Pocus (ebook))
Marcus - (Book: Home for a Spell (paperback))
Malnefoley - (Book: Hunted Warrior)
Matt Ewing - (Book: I Dream of Genies)
Marcus Cage - (Book: I Thirst For You)
Mark Buckle - (Book: I'm a Believer (revised))
Michael Cyprien - (Book: If Angels Burn)
Michael Amante - (Book: If Wishing Made It So)
Matthew Fairchild - (Book: Immortality)
Mannannan mac Lir - (Book: Immortals: The Crossing)
Mitch Elliot - (Book: In a Heartbeat)
Mikhael - (Book: In the Company of Witches)
Matthew Halkett - (Book: In the Heat of the Bite)
Meical Grabian - (Book: Incubus)
Magnus - (Book: Into Darkness)
Maxwell Cox - (Book: Irresistible (ebook))
Michael Langton - (Book: Keep Me Forever)
Mark Valiente - (Book: Keeper of the Dawn)
Mick Townsend - (Book: Keeper of the Shadows)
Mordr Sigurdsson - (Book: Kiss of Wrath)
Michael Kelly - (Book: Kiss the Night Goodbye)
Michael Kelly - (Book: Kiss the Night Goodbye (reprint))
Michael Quinn - (Book: Lady and the Vamp)
Michael Aristov - (Book: Last True Vampire, The)
Mason Dillinger - (Book: Last Wolf Standing)
Michael Taylor - (Book: Legend of Michael, The)
Michael Quinn - (Book: Let the Dead Sleep (hardcover))
Michael Quinn - (Book: Let the Dead Sleep (paperback))
Mark Robertson - (Book: License to Shift)
Manuel Manello - (Book: Lover Unleashed (hardcover))
Manuel Manello - (Book: Lover Unleashed (paperback))
Morg - (Book: Mage, The)
Mitch Shaw - (Book: Mane Attraction (reprint))
Mitch Shaw - (Book: Mane Attraction, The)
Mace Llewellyn - (Book: Mane Event, The)
Max Savoie - (Book: Masked by Moonlight)
Mercury Warrant - (Book: Mercury's War)
Muerte - (Book: Mercy Burns)
Micah - (Book: Micah)
Malcolm - (Book: Midnight's Promise)
Mistral - (Book: Mistral's Kiss)
Marc Delacroix - (Book: Moon Rising)
Martin Grey - (Book: Mr. Grey And The Hotel Ghosts (ebook))
Martin Grey - (Book: Mr. Grey And The Spirit From The Sky (ebook))
Mace Calder - (Book: Never Alone)
Morgan Jarvis - (Book: Never Been Witched)
Michael Corday - (Book: Night Fires)
Malachi Gordon - (Book: Night is Alive, The )
Maeniel - (Book: Night of the Wolf)
Marcus Grayden - (Book: Night Reigns)
Malcolm - (Book: Night Visitor)
Mason - (Book: Nightfall)
Mason - (Book: Nightfall (reissue))
Michael Tyler - (Book: Nocturne)
Mac Knight - (Book: Out Of The Night)
Maxwell Beecher - (Book: Phantom of the Bathtub, The)
Marco Kaisiris - (Book: Poisoned Kisses)
Marc - (Book: Prey)
Miles Bermin - (Book: Prey and Prejudice (ebook))
Marc - (Book: Pride)
Mathias Bridger - (Book: Primal Heat)
McIntyre Callahan - (Book: Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here)
Max Brody - (Book: Protector, The)
Magnus - (Book: Rapture)
Makaiden Griggs,
- (Book: Rebels and Lovers)
Mitch Greer - (Book: Resurrection)
Monty GrayClaw - (Book: Right Wolf, Right Time (ebook))
Michael - (Book: Rising Darkness)
Marc - (Book: Rogue)
Marcus Van Buren - (Book: Scandalous Spirits)
Morgan Hunter - (Book: Scarlet)
Macmillan - (Book: Scorched)
Michael - (Book: Secret of the Wolf)
Michael - (Book: Secret Of The Wolf (reissue))
Malachi James - (Book: Shadow Caress (ebook))
Matthew Clairmont - (Book: Shadow of Night (hardcover))
Malthus Krayl - (Book: Sins of the Flesh)
Mike Carrera - (Book: Sins of the Flesh)
Mason McKenzie - (Book: Siren's Desire)
Mikhail Denisov - (Book: Skies of Steel)
Michael Stone - (Book: Skykeepers)
Marcus Helios - (Book: So Still the Night)
Magnus - (Book: Soul Bound)
Marcus - (Book: Soul Deep)
M'cal - (Book: Soul Song (reissue))
Mordred Soulis - (Book: Soulless, The (ebook))
Michael Morrison - (Book: Spirit Dances)
Malik Davenport - (Book: Spiritual Seduction)
Miach - (Book: Star of the Morning (reissue))
Mick - (Book: Stormwalker)
Marcus Greystone - (Book: Stranger's Touch, A)
Mack McKinley - (Book: Street Game)
Micah / Navarre - (Book: Sunlight, Moonlight)
Michael - (Book: Taste of Crimson, A)
Michael - (Book: Taste of Crimson, A (reissue))
Marrok of Cadbury - (Book: Tempt Me with Darkness)
Marcus Morion - (Book: That Old Black Magic (ebook))
Morgan Devereaux - (Book: There Never Was a Time)
Mitch Greer - (Book: Thirst (anthology))
Maks Altan - (Book: Tiger Bound)
Morgan - (Book: To Catch a Wolf)
Morgan Cantrell - (Book: Touch of Surrender)
Matthew Mark Hennessy - (Book: Trickster, The)
Mac Hunter - (Book: True Shot)
Malcolm - (Book: True to the Highlanders)
Marcus Kincardine - (Book: Truelove Bride, The)
Mason Constanza - (Book: Trust and Betrayal (ebook))
Matthew Hayes - (Book: Truth and Deceit (ebook))
Micah Ravenwood - (Book: Twilight Dreams)
Marius - (Book: Unchained)
Max Hunter - (Book: Undead on Arrival)
Malcolm - (Book: Unleashed)
Michael Brandt - (Book: Vampire Affair, The)
Malachi - (Book: Vampire Instinct)
Marcus Notte - (Book: Vampire Most Wanted)
Max Carressa - (Book: Vengeance)
Michael - (Book: Wages of Sin, The)
Marcus Stewart - (Book: Walk on the Wild Side)
Marko Taruskin - (Book: Wanton)
Michael - (Book: Warrior)
Mitch - (Book: Whispers at Ghost Point (ebook))
Maximillian Radborne
- (Book: Whispers on the Wind)
Murmur - (Book: Wicked Whispers)
Marcus Dermott - (Book: Wickedly Wonderful)
Mason Kincaid - (Book: Witch in the House)
Marcus Quinn - (Book: Witch in Time, A (hardcover))
Mac Lamonda - (Book: Wolf Whisperer)
Marcus Bei - (Book: Wolf's Heart, The)
Michael Morlet - (Book: Wolf's Mate in Secrets, Volume 18: Dark Passions)


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