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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with R

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Raphael Dalton - (Book: 'Til We Meet Again)
Roberto - (Book: Accidentally. . .Cimil? (ebook novella))
Reaper - (Book: Angel's Pain)
Raphael, Archangel - (Book: Angels's Blood)
Richard Nelson/Ren - (Book: Annie's Hero)
Raphael - (Book: Archangel's Consort)
Raphael - (Book: Archangel's Heart)
Raphael - (Book: Archangel's Kiss)
Raphael - (Book: Archangel's Legion)
Rylan Saintcrow - (Book: As Twilight Falls)
Ryker - (Book: Ascension)
Reece Bennu - (Book: Ashes (ebook))
Russell Leonard - (Book: Awaited)
Rob - (Book: Bayou Heat)
Rhage - (Book: Beast, The)
Ryker - (Book: Bedeviled)
Robert - (Book: Beta, The (ebook))
Reece Foxjohn - (Book: Betrayal)
Rand FitzWulf - (Book: Between a Vamp and a Hard Place)
Rowen Nichols - (Book: Bewitching My Love (ebook))
Ric Van Holtz - (Book: Big Bad Beast)
Ric Van Holtz - (Book: Big Bad Beast (reprint))
Rafael Villar - (Book: Bite at First Sight)
Rule Turner - (Book: Blood Challenge)
Rialto Renaldi - (Book: Blood Curse)
Rafael - (Book: Blood Law)
Rule Turner - (Book: Blood Magic)
Richard - (Book: Blue Moon)
Ronan - (Book: Bodyguard (ebook - novella))
Riker - (Book: Bound by Night)
Riley - (Book: Branded By Fire)
Rinehart - (Book: Captive of the Beast)
Rafe Cooper - (Book: Carnal Sin)
Ridley Cromer - (Book: Cat's Lair)
Roger Darvell - (Book: Child of Twilight)
Ryker - (Book: Chosen)
Remington Jackson - (Book: Chosen, The)
Ronan MacLeod - (Book: Christmas Knight)
Ross Kavanaugh - (Book: Come the Night)
Russell - (Book: Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire)
Ryde Merrick - (Book: Daring the Moon)
Rene Morin - (Book: Dark Hunger)
Ryder Hayes - (Book: Dark Moon)
Ryder Hayes - (Book: Dark Moon (reissue))
Rafael De La Cruz - (Book: Dark Secret)
Ravyn Kontis - (Book: Dark Side of the Moon)
Ray Stavrakis - (Book: Dark Sins & Desert Sands)
Razvan - (Book: Dark Slayer (paperback))
Ranulf Thorsen - (Book: Dark Warrior Unleashed)
Rayven - (Book: Darker Dream, A)
Reyes - (Book: Darkest Pleasure, The)
Reyes - (Book: Darkest Pleasure, The (reissue))
Ryder - (Book: Darkest Touch, The)
Rafferty Powell - (Book: Darkfire Kiss)
Ryder Latimer - (Book: Darkness Calls)
Roland Warbrook - (Book: Darkness Dawns)
Roman - (Book: Darkness Raging)
Ryan McNally - (Book: Daughter of the Spellcaster)
Ryder Latimer - (Book: Death Calls)
Rule Turner - (Book: Death Magic)
Reid Malone - (Book: Deceiving the Witch Next Door (ebook))
Ragnor Wulfson - (Book: Deep Midnight)
Roland - (Book: Deliver Me From Darkness)
Rule - (Book: Demon You Know, The)
Rafael - (Book: Demons Prefer Blondes)
Viscount Clarimond
- (Book: Devil's Bargain, The)
Ricardo Fernandez - (Book: Devotion Calls)
Ryder Latimer - (Book: Die for Love (ebook))
Rifter - (Book: Dire Needs)
Rowan Dakar - (Book: Dragon Soul)
Rick Denning - (Book: Dream Shadows)
Reule - (Book: Drink of Me)
Rafael De Santos - (Book: Drive Me Wild)
Roan Ingliss - (Book: Dusk Before Dawn)
Ray Lowell - (Book: Earth Angel)
Riley Buchanan - (Book: Edge of Desire)
Rhys Costain - (Book: Everlasting Desire)
Rome Lucian - (Book: Fallen Rogue)
Reyes Farrow - (Book: Fifth Grave Past the Light (hardcover))
Reyes Farrow - (Book: Fifth Grave Past the Light (paperback))
Ronan - (Book: Fiona's Wish (ebook))
Remy - (Book: Fire Watcher)
Ram - (Book: Forbidden)
Reyes Farrow - (Book: Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (hardcover))
Reyes Farrow - (Book: Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (paperback))
Rhoan - (Book: Full Moon Rising)
Rikar - (Book: Fury of Ice)
Rob - (Book: Ghostly Liasion)
Ryan Kelly - (Book: Ghouls Rush In)
Rafe - (Book: Guardian)
Raphael Medrano - (Book: Gunmetal Magic)
Ray Ramos - (Book: Happy Medium (ebook))
Robert McCoy - (Book: Hatfield and McCoy)
Richard Clairmont - (Book: Heart Of The Dove)
Richard Clairmont - (Book: Heart of the Dove (reprint))
Raf Dolg - (Book: Hellhound King, The)
Ronan - (Book: Her Dark Lord)
Robley - (Book: Highlander's Bargain, The)
Rhys - (Book: Hint of Frost, A)
Roman Draganesti - (Book: How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire)
Raphael - (Book: Howling Moon)
Roke - (Book: Hunt the Darkness)
Ryon Hunter - (Book: Hunter's Heart)
Rory Arish - (Book: I Dream of Dragons)
Robert Braxton - (Book: Illusive Flame)
Revelin Scott - (Book: Immortal Image)
Raphael Robichaux - (Book: Immortal Wolf)
Rick Jensen - (Book: In My Dreams)
Richart d'Alençon - (Book: In Still Darkness (ebook))
Rene Broussard - (Book: Into The Darkness)
Ronan - (Book: Isle of Night)
Richard - (Book: Killing Dance)
Ross Marshall - (Book: Killing Moon)
Ross Maxwell - (Book: Killing Moon [reissue])
Rafe Santiago - (Book: Kiss of a Dark Moon)
Rydestrom Woede - (Book: Kiss of a Demon King)
Rafe - (Book: Kiss of the Phantom)
Ruger - (Book: Kodiak Chained)
Ragnar the Cunning - (Book: Last Dragon Standing)
Remy Boudreaux - (Book: Leopard's Prey)
Reign - (Book: Let the Night Begin)
Reed - (Book: Liquid Lies)
Ross Davies - (Book: Love at Second Sight)
Ronan McCoy - (Book: Love Your Entity)
Rehvenge - (Book: Lover Avenged (Hardcover))
Rehvenge - (Book: Lover Avenged (paperback))
Rhage - (Book: Lover Eternal)
Rhage - (Book: Lover Eternal (hardcover reprint))
Reid Prescott - (Book: Lucky Penny)
Richard - (Book: Lunatic Cafe, The)
Rule Turner - (Book: Magic on the Line)
Ren Calder - (Book: Mahina's Storm (ebook))
Rhyzkahl - (Book: Mark of the Demon)
Rhys Williams - (Book: Mark of the Rose)
Reece Champion - (Book: Master of the Night)
Rand McIntyre - (Book: McIntyre And Coventry (ebook))
Rio - (Book: Midnight Rising)
Ross Havenwood - (Book: Midnight Rose)
Ramsey MacDonald - (Book: Midnight's Warrior)
Rule Turner - (Book: Mind Magic)
Ryn - (Book: Moon Witch, The)
Rule Turner - (Book: Mortal Danger)
Rule Turner - (Book: Mortal Sins)
Rafe Cooper - (Book: Mortal Sins (ebook))
Rule Turner - (Book: Mortal Ties)
Rhys Morgan - (Book: My Immortal)
Ryan Fierro - (Book: My Wild Irish Dragon)
Rhys - (Book: Night's Blaze)
Roshan DeLongpre - (Book: Night's Kiss)
Raphael Cordova - (Book: Night's Master)
Rane Cordova - (Book: Night's Pleasure)
Ryder Duncan - (Book: Once Bitten, Twice Burned)
Ryan Kelly - (Book: Once Haunted, Twice Shy)
Rafe Cooper - (Book: Original Sin)
Rand Brandenburg - (Book: Out of the Darkness)
Ram Montgomery - (Book: Phoenix Unrisen)
Riain Cree - (Book: Prince of the Wind (ebook))
Rafe Montana - (Book: Prodigal Son)
Rajmund Gregor - (Book: Rajmund)
Raphael - (Book: Raphael)
Raziel - (Book: Raziel)
Rufus Valasay - (Book: Reason to Believe)
Reaver - (Book: Reaver)
Rory Stewart - (Book: Rebel Waltz)
Roark - (Book: Rebel's Claw (ebook))
Ronan Ames - (Book: Releasing the Hunter)
Raum - (Book: Renegade Angel)
Roman - (Book: Retrieval)
Revenant - (Book: Revenant)
Reseph - (Book: Rogue Rider)
Rule Breaker - (Book: Rule Breaker (hardcover))
Rule Breaker - (Book: Rule Breaker (paperback))
Reed Baker - (Book: Running Blind)
Ryan - (Book: Salt and Silver)
Reyes - (Book: Savage Chains)
Robert Marston - (Book: Season Of Miracles, A)
Rey Solis - (Book: Seawitch (hardcover))
Rey Solis - (Book: Seawitch (paperback))
Reyes Farrow - (Book: Second Grave on the Left (Hardcover))
Reed Hunter - (Book: Secrets of the Wolf)
Rush Blakely - (Book: Seduce Me in Flames)
Rune - (Book: Serpent's Kiss)
Reid St. Pierre - (Book: Seventh Night, The)
Reid St. Pierre - (Book: Seventh Night, The (reissue))
Ricard De Chaus - (Book: Shadow Image)
Rhys - (Book: Shadow of Flame (ebook))
Rajah - (Book: Shadowfae)
Rhys - (Book: Shield of Fire)
Ryder Malloy - (Book: Shifters, The)
Rob Castle
Cormac O'Keefe
Trey MacKenzie
- (Book: Sinful Temptations)
Rafe Coppersmith - (Book: Siren's Call)
Reyes Farrow - (Book: Sixth Grave on the Edge (hardcover))
Reyes Farrow - (Book: Sixth Grave on the Edge (paperback))
Reyes - (Book: Skin Game)
Rustam of Halicarnassus - (Book: Slayer, The)
Ryder - (Book: Smoke and Fire)
Rhys - (Book: Soul of Smoke (ebook))
Rabbit - (Book: Spellfire)
Robert Chapin - (Book: Spirit of Seduction)
Royce - (Book: Stalking the Others)
Robin of Locksley - (Book: Stay the Night)
Richard Mar - (Book: Steel's Edge)
Rhys - (Book: Storm Warrior)
Rydan of Nightfall - (Book: Storm, The (paperback))
Reed Blakeslee - (Book: Substitute Sister, The)
Royce Blanchard - (Book: Swamp Secrets)
Royce Blanchard - (Book: Swamp Secrets (reissue))
Rutgar of Belthane - (Book: Sweet Sorcery)
Rory Sullivan - (Book: Taming the Moon)
Riaz - (Book: Tangle of Need (hardcover))
Riaz - (Book: Tangle of Need (paperback))
Reinn Mackenzie - (Book: Taste of Darkness, A)
Roman Reynolds - (Book: Temptation Rising)
Rick Ramirez - (Book: Tempted By Fate)
Rule Turner - (Book: Tempting Danger)
Reyes Farrow - (Book: Third Grave Dead Ahead (paperback))
Ryan Love - (Book: Three Fates of Ryan Love, The)
Rick Mason - (Book: Time Rogues)
Ren Waya - (Book: Time Untime (hardcover))
Ren Waya - (Book: Time Untime (paperback))
Rurik Wilder - (Book: Touch of Darkness)
Ronin Meyers - (Book: Touch of the Angel)
Ronin Meyers - (Book: Touch of the Angel (reissue))
Rhys - (Book: Truth of Embers (ebook))
Ranger Matt Granite - (Book: Twilight Before Christmas, The)
Roland de Courtemanche - (Book: Twilight Memories)
Risk Leidolf - (Book: Unbound)
Randon Bolton - (Book: Unforgettable)
Robby MacKay - (Book: Vampire and the Virgin, The)
Rory MacLaren - (Book: Vampire Close)
Rogan Butler - (Book: Vanished)
Rothgar - (Book: Viking's Witch, The)
Rune - (Book: Vision of Skyfire)
Ralph Genessa - (Book: Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home)
Rand Garner - (Book: Waiting For the Wolf Moon)
Rand Garner - (Book: Waiting for the Wolf Moon (reissue))
Ronan - (Book: Warrior Vampire, The)
Roark Wallace - (Book: Werewolf in the North Woods)
Ridge Addison - (Book: Werewolf's Wife)
Ryder McManus - (Book: What a Werewolf Wants)
Ryan Doyle - (Book: When Temptation Burns)
Ryker - (Book: Wickedest Witch)
Rod Tritone - (Book: Wild Blue Under)
Rio Santana - (Book: Wild Rain)
Ross Briarcliff - (Book: Willow File, The)
Ruben - (Book: Wolf Prince, The)
Ricky Lee - (Book: Wolf With Benefits)


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