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Eye On Romance
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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with S

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Sloan Flaherty - (Book: Accidental Genie)
Sam McLean - (Book: Accidentally Dead Again)
Severo - (Book: After the Kiss)
Sir Connor Warrick - (Book: Alura's Wish)
Shade Blackstone - (Book: Angel of Desire)
Simeon Keller - (Book: Angel Vindicated)
Samandriel - (Book: Ashes of Angels)
Sinclair Palmer - (Book: Autumn Bones (hardcover))
Shane McAllister - (Book: Bad to the Bone)
Sawyer King - (Book: Bay of Sighs)
Sean Canady - (Book: Beneath A Blood Red Moon)
Sean Canady - (Book: Beneath a Blood Red Moon (reprint))
Seth - (Book: Better to See You, The (ebook))
Salvatore Giuliani - (Book: Beyond the Darkness)
Seamus Fox - (Book: Bit the Jackpot)
Sabastian Vioget - (Book: Bleeding Dusk, The)
Saloman - (Book: Blood Eternal)
Silas Smith - (Book: Blood of the Wicked)
Saloman - (Book: Blood On Silk (trade))
Saloman - (Book: Blood Sin)
Shane Laughlin - (Book: Born to Darkness (hardcover))
Shane McAllister - (Book: Bring on the Night)
Sergei - (Book: Burning Bridges (reprint))
Steven Peabody - (Book: Burning Times)
Steven Peabody - (Book: Burning Times (reissue))
Stephen Sincai - (Book: Burning, The)
Stephen Darling - (Book: Candle Bay)
Slade Attridge - (Book: Canyons of Night)
Simon Westfield,
Duke of Blackmoor
- (Book: Certain Wolfish Charm, A)
Siban - (Book: Chain of Illusions)
Samuel Faa - (Book: Chains of Fire)
Simon Leviathan - (Book: Chaos Burning)
Sam - (Book: Charmed & Ready)
Sam Landry - (Book: Christmas Spirit)
Sam Coppersmith - (Book: Copper Beach (hardcover))
Sam Coppersmith - (Book: Copper Beach (paperback))
Sean Foye - (Book: Cougar's Bargain, The (ebook))
Steven Welch - (Book: Cougar's Wish, The (ebook))
Sexton St. Crois - (Book: Crazy for You)
Sam Morgan - (Book: Crimson Moon)
Simon Zebriskie - (Book: Cry for the Moon)
Sean - (Book: Cry Wolf)
Sebastian Reyes - (Book: Danger Calls)
Sebastian DelaCourte - (Book: Dark Rapture)
Sandor Kearn - (Book: Dark Warrior Unbroken)
Sebastian Xenakis - (Book: Dark Wolf)
Sterling Chase - (Book: Darker After Midnight (hardcover))
Strider - (Book: Darkest Surrender, The)
Sabin - (Book: Darkest Whisper, The (reissue))
Santiago - (Book: Darkness Avenged)
Sean Black - (Book: Darkness Bred)
Sidney Westerbrook - (Book: Darkness Undone)
Sam Archer - (Book: Dead Alert)
Sebastian - (Book: Dead If I Do)
Sean Donahue - (Book: Deeply, Desperately)
Shade - (Book: Desire Unchained)
Sin - (Book: Devil May Cry)
Sammy Divine - (Book: Devil Named Desire, A)
Stray - (Book: Dire Wants)
Sterling Thorn - (Book: Double Enchantment (reissue))
Sebastian Kattalakis - (Book: Dragonswan (reissue))
Sebastian - (Book: Dream Stalker)
Scott Bryant - (Book: Dust to Dust)
Sir Nicodemus Wulfson - (Book: Enchanting the Beast)
Sir Terence Blackwell - (Book: Enchanting the Lady)
Simon Howell - (Book: Entity Who Came for Christmas, The (ebook novella))
Sebastian Donovan - (Book: Entranced)
Simon Wolfgard - (Book: Etched in Bone (hardcover))
Synjon - (Book: Eternal Sin)
Samuel Hall - (Book: Evil Inside, The)
Sam Logan - (Book: Face the Fire)
Sam - (Book: Fireborn)
Spade - (Book: First Drop of Crimson)
Santo Castillo - (Book: Five Deaths of Roxanne Love, The)
Shane Sullivan - (Book: Freeze Line (ebook))
Stefan - (Book: From a Distance)
Stefan - (Book: From a Distance (reissue))
Stefan Harper - (Book: Guardian)
Samael - (Book: Guardian of the Deep (ebook))
Simon Parran - (Book: Guardian Wolf)
Seth - (Book: Guardian, The)
Slade Donovan - (Book: Half-Breed Vampire)
Sean Ballogh - (Book: Haunting Beauty)
Sean Ballagh - (Book: Haunting Beauty (mass market))
Sebastian Moret - (Book: Hollywood After Dark - Tasting Nightwalker Wine (ebook))
Sebastian - (Book: Honeymoon of the Dead)
Sebastian Kent - (Book: Hunger Awakened (ebook))
Selim - (Book: Hunt, The)
Silas MacCreedy - (Book: Hunter of Shadows)
Sebastian - (Book: I Only Have Fangs For You)
Simon Chase - (Book: I'll Be Slaying You)
Simon Chase - (Book: I'll Be Slaying You (reissue))
Shane Farhold - (Book: In Sight of the Enemy)
Slade - (Book: Intervamption)
Sam - (Book: Kiss of Darkness)
Sir Christopher Ellis - (Book: Kiss of the Rose)
Solomon Judah - (Book: Last Kiss Goodnight)
Stephen MacAlasdair - (Book: Legend of the Highland Dragon)
Sinjin, Earl of Donnington - (Book: Lord of Sin)
Sam Pierce - (Book: Lost Souls)
Sean Daniels - (Book: Love at the End of Days)
Sean Daniels - (Book: Love in the Time of the Dead (ebook))
Sven - (Book: Magic Unchained)
Simon Wolfgard - (Book: Marked in Flesh)
Smoke - (Book: Master of Smoke)
Sam Reese - (Book: Miracles)
Sam Reese - (Book: Miracles (reissue))
Severo - (Book: Moon Kissed)
Simon Wolfgard - (Book: Murder of Crows)
Simon, Knight of Lyan - (Book: My Demon's Kiss)
Simon, Knight of Lyan - (Book: My Demon's Kiss (reprint))
Stephen Ross - (Book: My Immortal Protector)
Sebastian St. Ives - (Book: My Lord Immortality)
Sebastian St. Ives - (Book: My Lord Immortality)
Santos - (Book: Nevermore)
Sloan Trent - (Book: Night is Watching, The)
Samuel Taske - (Book: Nightshine)
Striker Dark - (Book: Nightwalker)
Simon Grenville - (Book: No Proper Lady)
Sebastian Wroth - (Book: No Rest for the Wicked)
Shawn Lowe - (Book: One for the Wicked)
Stryker - (Book: One Silent Night)
Sykes Millet - (Book: Out of Sight)
Simon Bonner - (Book: Out of Time)
Sebastien Newcombe - (Book: Phantom Shadows)
Sam Shaymore - (Book: Phantom Wolf)
Sagan - (Book: Pleasure)
Sean Morrissey - (Book: Primal Bonds)
Sian Chamblyn - (Book: Prince of Magic)
Servaes - (Book: Redeemer of Shadows (ebook))
Sebastian - (Book: Romancing the Dead)
Seth McConnell - (Book: Rush of Darkness)
Simon Wells - (Book: Sacrifice the Wicked)
Slade Montgomery - (Book: Searching for Someday)
Sam Magee - (Book: Second Time Around)
Steve Hayes - (Book: Secrets of Tyrone)
Steve Hayes - (Book: Secrets of Tyrone (reissue))
Sheikh Shahin Aswadi - (Book: Shadow of the Sheikh)
Stefano Ferraro - (Book: Shadow Rider)
Sam Pierce - (Book: Shattered Souls)
Sebastian Perry - (Book: Shifter's Claim)
Sam - (Book: Sigma (ebook))
Simon Aristide - (Book: Silver Rose, The)
Slade Johnson - (Book: Slade)
Sebastia Frasier - (Book: Smoke on the Water)
Steven Sayers - (Book: Something Beautiful)
Steven Sayers - (Book: Something Beautiful (reissue))
Sutton West - (Book: Soul Magic)
Spenser Griffith - (Book: Soul Survivor)
Stefan Prakenskii - (Book: Spirit Bound)
Seth English - (Book: Spirited)
Spar - (Book: Stone Cold Lover)
Snake Mendez - (Book: Storm Kissed)
Sterling Jeter - (Book: Storm that is Sterling, The)
Stygian - (Book: Stygian's Honor)
Styx - (Book: Styx's Storm)
Styxx - (Book: Styxx (hardcover))
Seth Mortensen - (Book: Succubus Blues)
Seth Mortensen - (Book: Succubus Blues (mass market))
Seth Mortensen - (Book: Succubus Dreams)
Seth Mortensen - (Book: Succubus Dreams (reprint))
Seth Mortenson - (Book: Succubus On Top )
Seth Mortensen - (Book: Succubus on Top (reprint))
Seth Mortensen - (Book: Succubus Revealed)
Sean Walker - (Book: Temptation in Shadows (ebook novella))
Sebastian Santiago - (Book: To Crave a Blood Moon)
Sebastian Santiago - (Book: To Crave a Blood Moon (reissue))
Simeon Kavanaugh - (Book: To Tame a Wolf)
Sir Colin of Ravenshaw - (Book: Touch of Enchantment)
Stephen - (Book: Ultimate Bite, The)
Sinclair - (Book: Undead and Unemployed (reissue))
Sinclair - (Book: Undead and Unsure (hardcover))
Sinclair - (Book: Undead and Unsure (paperback))
Ski Eriksen - (Book: Undoing, The)
Sean Cameron - (Book: Unholy, The)
Sigurd Sigurdsson - (Book: Vampire in Paradise)
Sly - (Book: Vampire Next Door, The)
Seth - (Book: Vampire Sheikh)
Shane Quesada - (Book: Vampire Trouble)
Seamus Fitzhugh - (Book: Vampire Vendetta)
Simon Wolfgard - (Book: Vision in Silver)
Sean Reilly - (Book: Watch Keepers)
Sebastian Wainwright - (Book: Wedding Spell)
Serge - (Book: When Darkness Hungers)
Sariel Valasay - (Book: When You Believe)
Sariel - (Book: When You Believe)
Sariel Valasay - (Book: When You Believe (reissue))
Semyon Taruskin - (Book: Wicked)
Shane McAllister - (Book: Wicked Game)
Sebastian Hale - (Book: Wicked, The (ebook novella))
Sam Corbett - (Book: Wickedly Powerful)
Simon Caldwell - (Book: Wild Wolf)
Stephen Dorsett - (Book: Winter Secrets (ebook))
Stephen Larsen - (Book: Witch's Grave)
Sullivan Quinn - (Book: Wolf at the Door)
Surlok - (Book: Wolf Prince)
Siƶn Baptiste - (Book: Wolves Den, The (ebook))
Simon Wolfgard - (Book: Written in Red)
Sebastien Valentin - (Book: Your Wish is my Command)


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