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Eye On Romance
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Ann Major

Meet Eye On Romance Featured  Author Ann Major
Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Search for your favorite leading men...
Have you been looking for a certain hero? Remember the name but not the book title? Browse your favorite heros listed in order of hero's first name below!

Choose A Name - this will display heros by FIRST NAME:

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Heroes with first name starting with T

Click the hero's name to view the book and author.

Travers Kineally - (Book: Absolutely Captivated)
Trevor - (Book: Back to Life)
Tom Kyd - (Book: Be Mine Forever (mass market--reissue))
Treymayne - (Book: Between a Rock and a Heart Place)
TJ MacGregor - (Book: Beyond the Misty Shore)
Thierry de Bennicoeur - (Book: Bled and Breakfast)
Thierry - (Book: Blood Bath and Beyond)
Tallis Pendray - (Book: Blood Warrior)
Thomal Costache - (Book: Blood-Bonded By Force)
Talyn Batur - (Book: Born of Defiance (hardcover))
Trey Garrison - (Book: Bringing Benjy Home)
Tristan Doran - (Book: Captive)
Thor - (Book: Close Encounters)
Tony Giodone - (Book: Cold Moon Rising)
Thorn - (Book: Coveted)
Tyler - (Book: Crave the Darkness)
Taron - (Book: Crystalfire)
Ty McIntyre - (Book: Damned)
Tynan MacGillvray - (Book: Dark Awakening)
Traian - (Book: Dark Nights)
Tristan Morin - (Book: Dark Passages)
Thronos - (Book: Dark Skye (hardcover))
Torin - (Book: Darkest Touch, The)
Tucker - (Book: Darkness Within)
Tru - (Book: Daybreak)
Tru Daugherty - (Book: Daybreak (reissue))
Ty Bonner - (Book: Dead End Dating)
Tresand - (Book: Deeper Hunger, A)
Thor Kensington - (Book: Demon Love (ebook))
Torin - (Book: Demons Not Included)
Taylor Jones - (Book: Departed, The)
Trae Wilson - (Book: Destiny Kills)
Tristan DuMaine - (Book: Devil's Knight, The)
Tristan DuMaine - (Book: Devil's Knight, The (reissue))
Tristan McIntryre - (Book: Devilishly Wicked)
Tane - (Book: Devoured by Darkness)
Ted Goodnight - (Book: Don't Kill the Messenger)
Trent Sanders - (Book: Double Dating With the Dead)
Trent Sanders - (Book: Double Dating with the Dead)
Talon - (Book: Dragon Moon)
Theron - (Book: Dream of Me)
Tristan Kincaid - (Book: Dreamweaver)
Trace - (Book: Ecstasy)
Terence Blackwell - (Book: Enchanting the Lady (reprint))
Tony Carella - (Book: False Family (reissue))
Talen - (Book: Fated)
Trey Coleman - (Book: Feral Sins)
Tristan - (Book: Fire Rising)
Travis Williamson - (Book: First Bite)
Tucker Mackenzie - (Book: First Prophet, The)
Trip Lindaur - (Book: Force of Nature)
Tristan - (Book: Forever Enchanted)
Trystan Hawkes - (Book: Forever Werewolf)
Ty Roderick - (Book: Foxy Lady (ebook))
Thierry de Bennicoeur - (Book: From Fear to Eternity)
Trace Coltrane - (Book: From the Mists of Wolf Creek)
Tristam - (Book: Ghost and Miss Demure, The)
Tyree St. James - (Book: Ghost of a Chance)
Tolliver - (Book: Grave Secret (paperback))
Taggart Devereux - (Book: Handy Man To Have Around, A)
Tucker Hawkins - (Book: Haunted Memories)
Taylor Wolfe - (Book: Haunting of Brier Rose, The)
Travis Connor - (Book: Heart of a Highland Warrior)
Thomas Brannock - (Book: Hello, It's Me)
Ty Bonner - (Book: Here Comes the Vampire)
Tevan Zaber - (Book: Hour Before Dawn, The)
Tony Giodone - (Book: Hunter's Moon)
Toronto - (Book: Hunter's Rise)
Tasmin Singh - (Book: Immortal Craving)
Tomasso Notte - (Book: Immortal Nights)
Thaddeus Green - (Book: Immortals Ops: Radar Detection (ebook))
Tain - (Book: Immortals: The Redeeming)
Tyr - (Book: Jaded Hunter, The (ebook))
Thad Morgan - (Book: King of Darkness)
Trond Sigurdsson - (Book: Kiss of Surrender)
Tobias Caine - (Book: Kiss of the Vampire)
Tairen Soul - (Book: Lady of Light and Shadows)
Theondre North - (Book: Last of the Red Hot Vampires)
Thanatos - (Book: Lethal Rider)
Tobias - (Book: Little Night Magic, A)
Tarien Soul - (Book: Lord of the Fading Lands)
Tohrment - (Book: Lover Reborn (hardcover))
Tohrment - (Book: Lover Reborn (paperback))
Taeg - (Book: Mark of the Sylph)
Taeg - (Book: Mark of the Sylph (reissue))
Tomas - (Book: Mark of the Witch)
Theron - (Book: Marked)
Tristan - (Book: Master of Shadows)
Tegan - (Book: Midnight Awakening)
Toby Wise - (Book: Midnight Lover)
Laird of the Sinclair clan
- (Book: Moon Craving)
Ty Walker - (Book: Moon of Little Winter)
Tony Giodone - (Book: Moon's Web)
T.J. McAllister - (Book: My Favorite Witch)
Trace Huntsman - (Book: Mystical Warrior)
Thrain Davis - (Book: Night Bites)
Talon - (Book: Night Embrace)
Talon - (Book: Night Embrace (hardcover))
Taylor Mooreland - (Book: Now or Never)
Tighe - (Book: Obsession Untamed)
Thorne - (Book: Obsidian Flame)
Tyler - (Book: Omegas in Love (ebook))
Tomás Alejandro Randall - (Book: Once A Wolf)
Tyee Grayson - (Book: One Night with the Shifter)
Train Trigovise - (Book: Only One, The (Anthology))
Tomas - (Book: Out of the Shadows (ebook))
Thomas Marrowbone - (Book: Outsiders)
Thorn - (Book: Passion Ignites)
Tristan - (Book: Pleasure Slave, The)
Tobias Strahan - (Book: Primal Instincts)
Thorn - (Book: Prince of Time)
Thierry Durand - (Book: Private Demon)
The Saint - (Book: Saint, The)
Tristan Santiago - (Book: Seduced by Blood)
Tiernan - (Book: Seduced by Magic)
Trehan Daciano - (Book: Shadow's Claim)
Tiernan O'Rourke - (Book: Shadows on a Sunset Sea)
Trez - (Book: Shadows, The)
Teo Sandoval - (Book: Sharing the Darkness)
Teo Sandoval - (Book: Sharing the Darkness (reissue))
Tobias Walker - (Book: She's No Faerie Princess)
Trace Stringer - (Book: Sign of the Wolf)
Tom Silver - (Book: Silence of the Wolf)
Tillamn Angier - (Book: Siren's Secret)
Tillman Angier - (Book: Siren's Secret)
Trap Dawkins - (Book: Spider Game)
Tir - (Book: Spider-Touched)
Thierry - (Book: Stakes and Stilletos)
Trevarr - (Book: Storm of Reckoning)
Tiago Black Eagle - (Book: Storm's Heart)
Ty Bonner - (Book: Sucker for Love)
Tanner - (Book: Tanner's Scheme)
Tiger - (Book: Tiger Magic)
Trevor McGovern , Ian O'Rourke - (Book: Toil & Trouble)
Tom - (Book: Touch of Darkness)
Tom Bishop - (Book: Touch of Evil)
Tom - (Book: Touch of Madness)
Ty Duncan - (Book: Turned)
Terrent Vilks - (Book: Twisted (ebook))
Tyler Montague - (Book: Uninvited, The)
Thomas Argeneau - (Book: Vampires are Forever)
Theron LeNoir - (Book: Veiled Truth )
Torin - (Book: Visions of Magic)
Tye LeBow - (Book: Waking Up Alive)
Taurus the Bull - (Book: Warrior Betrayed)
Tiberius - (Book: When Passion Lies)
Trick Grainger - (Book: Wicked is the Night)
Thorn Mackenzie - (Book: Wicked Memories)
Torr - (Book: Willing Sacrifice)
Thomas Monahan - (Book: Witch Blood)
Trev - (Book: Wolf in Wolf's Clothing, A)


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